Impact Report

We're pleased to present the University of Leicester Students’ Union Impact Report for 2015-16. 2015-16 was a year of change for the Students’ Union. However, we believe that these changes have positively impacted on your lives as students, and has helped the Union achieve its goal of being “an innovative Union that empowers students to deliver change.”

Some of the headline achievements of last year are:

  • Lecture Capture being rolled out across the University after a Students’ Union campaign to implement it
  • 200 changes to your academic experience made by Course Reps
  • Introduction of the Peer Mentoring scheme for first-year students in partnership with the University of Leicester
  • The creation of a brand-new Training Team, who have trained almost 1000 student leaders in the past year
  • 150 new student staff members appointed over 2015-16 academic year

Please take the time to read through this report and learn more about our work over the last 12 months, and to learn more about the work taking place this academic year to enhance your time at the University of Leicester.

You can read the Impact Report below: