SAAH Christmas Quiz

SAAH Christmas Quiz

SAAH Christmas Quiz

Tue 11 December 2018 18:30-21:00

Gee's Diner, Percy Gee Building (Student Union)

The demand was made so the desire was met, we're hosting a Christmas Quiz for the whole of the Archaeology and Ancient History department! This even is open to all students, teaching and research staff, ULAS members and associates - the more the merrier!

We're hiring Gee's Diner in the Student Union for the night, and will have access to bottled drinks and soft drinks at the bar, so if you'd like a chill one they will be available. However we encourage everyone to bring a Christmas picnic with them - got to start on the mince pies and pigs in blankets sometime!

Team sizes at max 6, and we'd love for students and staff to mix up into teams for the night. The rounds are on a wide range of topics, so you may be grateful for the knowledge of people outside your friendship circle! If you can't make a team but want to be placed with people, no problem! Just show up on the night, tell us your name(s) and your group size, and we'll sort out the rest. And students, if you'd like a specific member of staff on your team, I'm sure a chocolatey bribe wouldn't go amiss.

There shall be 2 main prizes, and the winning team's choice of prize:

*The winning team shall receive various alcoholic and chocolaty prizes

*The best dressed person shall win an AHAS Golden t-shirt (best dressed can be smartest, Christmasiest, or fancy dressiest)

*The winning team gets to donate 40% of the ticket money to the charity of their choice

There will be an entry charge of £5 per person - £2 of that entry will go to charity. As this is a departmental event tickets shall cost the same for everyone (even me XD), and friends and family from outside the department are welcome (if they can stand being surround by archaeologists and ancient historians for a whole evening!)

Doors open 18:30, quiz starts 19:00

We're really excited about this event, and we look forward to seeing everyone pumped with end of term Christmas vibes!