Keith Julian

Keith Julian retired as Registrar and Secretary of the University in July 2006 after over 34 years of service. He graduated from St Catharine’s College Cambridge in 1968 with a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages.

After a period as a trainee librarian at the University of Leicester and as an Administrative Assistant at Loughborough University, he re-joined the University of Leicester in 1972 as a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Academic Office.

Over the next 20 years he progressed through the administrative ranks, focusing increasingly on planning, resource allocation and financial strategy. In 1986 he was appointed Financial Secretary, responsible for the formulation of financial policies and the development of institutional strategic plans. In 1993, he was appointed Registrar and Secretary and head of the University’s administration, which by the time of his retirement numbered around 1200 staff.

During the period of Mr Julian’s Registrarship, the University’s student population rose from 9,500 to over 18,000. Much of this expansion was due to the development of programmes offered both overseas and in the UK by distance learning, an initiative which he developed and managed during the 1990s.

He also oversaw and made fit for purpose the expansion of the administration to meet all the major developments which have come to characterise the current higher education system. Alongside this, he ensured that sound governance structures were in place to meet increasing requirements for public accountability, efficiency and value for money.