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Are you studying a Biological Sciences degree? Or just interested in Biology? 


Welcome to the Biological Sciences Society!


We are here to help you to have fun outside of the lab and lectures - and to help you along for the duration of your degree.


Our calendar usually begins at the very start of the year with our annual Freshers Bar Crawl - a perfect way to get to know your coursemates. Throughout the year we host many events, both social and academic, including a Halloween party, Christmas party and pub quizzes.


Working alongside the Biological Sciences department at University, we invite guest lecturers to give academic talks, hold study support groups and much more! 


Interested in Football or Netball? There's also the opportunity to join our teams and play in an interdepartmental league throughout the year! 


We hope to see you at our future events! Find us on Facebook by searching University of Leicester Biological Sciences Society, and on Instagram and Twitter @BSSLeicester.




Membership: £3 for 1 year, £5 for 2 years, £7 for 3 years.