Biological Sciences

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Are you a student studying any of the Biological or Medical Sciences? Or are you interested in Biology? Then we are the society for you!


Throughout the year we have a jam packed schedule of events for you, ranging from skills workshops to our Freshers Bar Crawl, which is one of the biggest society bar crawls at the University of Leicester! On top of all that, you can join our Football or Netball teams which play casually against other societies, whether you just want a bit of a laugh or want to do more on top of your Team Leicester training, come along and join us.


So if you want to make new friends with the people on your course by coming on our awesome socials, play for our sports teams, come to our revision and career sessions, or a combination of the three, then join! We promise you wont regret it! You can sign up online through this website, or in person at the Freshers Fair.


Membership:  1 year = £3   2 years = £5   3 years = £7

President: Amie Briggs

Check out our Facebook page for up to date info and pictures from previous events.

And follow us on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter @bssleicester


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