Leicester Anime and Manga (Former Japanese Animation)

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Do you want to hang out with anime nerds who love watching Anime up on the big screen? 
Are you nervous for the coming year and just need some calming Anime movies to chill with? 
Do you dream of the day when Senpai will notice you?



If your answer was yes for any of the above then, Leicester Anime and Manga is the place for you!

Known around the campus as Leicester ANime and MAnga society (LANMA), we’re a friendly 19 year strong society dedicated to enjoying the world of Japanese style animation and manga.



Not only do we have a large social member base who range in age from our young fresher’s to post graduates who can claim power levels of over 9000, you can expect to make like-minded friends with a wide range of interests, be it cosplay, comics or the Japanese culture.




At LANMA you can always look forward to Tuesday night with either our 3 week course of 4 anime series or our one evening specials of Anime movie nights with all these animations picked by you, the society members! We also enjoy a weekly pub social after every Tuesday meeting (optional of course) and love putting on one-off events and trips such as the yearly pilgrimage to London MCM Comic Con in May, with even more socials being planned with our sister societies.



Membership: £3 for all students and non-students.


Meeting times: Every Tuesday, 7pm until 9pm (not including the optional Pub trip at the Dry Dock!).

Location: Film Lecture Theatre, Attenborough Tower.

E-mail: su-anime@le.ac.uk

Or feel free to check out our Facebook group here for more details and the latest anime polls.

If you have any worries or you’re just nervous about attending feel free to contact us on the above email, otherwise you’re lovely committee members of LANMA are also here to help.

President: Frederik Gibson

Vice-President: James Miller

Secretary: Fredrik Nykvist

Treasurer: James Wei Liang