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The University of Leicester Pro Bono Group.


"The Pro Bono Group offers students the opportunity to apply their legal knowledge in a rewarding and charitable environment. Pro Bono work is highly regarded by a variety of firms and organisations who seek graduate employees. We work with a number of local firms and professionals in the community in order to support the students and staff at the University as well as the greater population. 


As a member of Pro Bono, you will have the opportunity to attend a number of educational and enriching events over the course of the year. Last year these events included several Workshops, a talk from an exoneree and the professional Meet and Greet networking event held in Harry Peach Library and Council Chambers. We will also be offering an educational field trip this year, which will be a 3-day excursion to Amsterdam visiting The Hague. 


This year students will have the largest number of teams to apply to than we have ever had before. The teams that you are able to apply for include: The Legal Advice Clinic, The Miscarriages of Justice Team, The Street Law Team, The Lawyers Without Borders Team, Project Light, Crime Club, Amicus Charity, Immigration and Asylum Project and Litigants in Person. There is also the opportunity to get involved with the publication of our new magazine, Pro Bona Fide. Please follow the Pro Bono Group link to find out more about the work we do and the opportunities that we can provide you with. We encourage students from all courses to apply." 


Street Law Project:


Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between legal issues affecting Leicester and its surrounding areas, by educating and informing different audiences through presentations and role-play. This is a developing project and this year we are able to offer some PAID presentation and research opportunities!



There are various positions on the project, each requiring different skills and qualities. We have a team of Researchers who independently carry out research tasks and prepare documents that are tailored to specific presentation requirements. 


We have a team of Presenters and Team Leaders who are tasked with visiting different organisations, including schools and youth groups, and presenting on a range of different topics including Criminal Law, Civil Law and topical Legal Issues.


If you love presenting and meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, this is the Project for you! Equally if you enjoy researching topical legal issues, this is the project for you!


Any questions, please contact the Director of the Street Law Project, Gabriel Downey at


Legal Advice Clinic:


The legal advice clinic offers free legal advice to students, staff and members of the general public. Common areas of advice given include: employment law, housing and tenant.


The team consists of Student Advisors (2nd year and 3rd year students), Student Administrators (1st year students) and volunteer local solicitors who attend all client meetings.


Opening hours:

Wednesday 2-4

Thursday 7-9


Contact us on twitter @UoLlegaladviceclinic or follow the link below to find out more:





Amicus is an American charity who helps to provide fair representation for those facing the death penalty in the U.S, and is the only legal charity on campus!


Joining the Amicus Team as a student volunteer involves coming up with, and arranging, fundraisers and awareness events and much more. There are many different roles within this committee, including treasurer, publicity officer and liaison officer.


Becoming part of Amicus will also give you the opportunity to apply for an Amicus internship in America with a wide range of states offering internships, a discount in applying for Amicus death penalty training which takes place in London and some valuable experience to put on your CV.



If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in or if you have any questions please email: for application forms and more information!


Also if you would like more information, please visit the Amicus website:



Miscarriages of Justice:

The Miscarriages of Justice Program is a great way to engage practically with real-world criminal law cases. We work closely with the case files of prisoners who have maintained their innocence and who have exhausted all other means of appeal. With the goal of discovering new legal grounds, we review the legal practices, evidence and witness statements and submit an application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. 

Within this program you will gain experience by working alongside senior researchers, lawyers and the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Through close communication with the Criminal Cases Review Commission and imprisoned clients, our goal is to submit a successful application to the CCRC. 

This is one of the closest experiences to the career environment offered through the Pro Bono Society and we urge you to submit an application. If you are interested in the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic learning environment with a passionate and driven team.  This is the extra-curricular for you.  

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with or if you have any questions please email Rachel Roberts at



The Insight Project

The Insight Project aims to reach out and connect with young people through Crime Clubs to spark an interest in the law or topics related to law. We aim to do this by visiting schools and conducting fun and engaging sessions based on the topics of law and crime, intending to introduce topics and themes which they would not usually learn about in their curriculum in a fun and interactive way. 

What would be your role? 

As a volunteer your role will involve going into less privileged schools in the Leicester Area to provide fun after school activities for pupils based in crime and the law. We currently have 14 positions open to all years to apply. 

Why should you join? 

Joining gives you an opportunity to meet new people and really get involved with pro bono and enhance your university experience. It is a great way to boost your CV by engaging in activities outside of your timetable and volunteering is highly regarded amongst employers and firms alike. 

If you have any questions please contact Téa Rana (Director of the Insight Project) via email: 


Project LIGHT

Project LIGHT is a collaborative effort between the Schools of Medicine and Law at the University of Leicester. It’s purpose is to provide healthcare and legal support to homeless people in Leicester, through volunteering opportunities with the City Council and local charities such as The Bridge, Action Homeless and the Y Support Project.

Created in 2013, it was envisioned as an opportunity for medicine students to practice the skills gained from their studies in the community and give back to their local area. In 2016, the Pro Bono Group have been brought on-board so that law students can also take part in this amazing opportunity, to provide legal support to vulnerable individuals.

This year, we intend to help provide a legal clinic with The Bridge charity, during which homeless people can attend and ask questions about a variety of topics (such as Employment, Family, Human Rights and Housing). We also hope to establish a greater presence at food kitchens, Health Promotion Sessions, Support Groups and Mentoring Schemes.


Please contact the Director, Caitlyn Broderick at



Immigration & Asylum Project 

The Immigration and Asylum Project aims to support asylum seekers who lack the funds to make an asylum claim. This year, the project is hoping to work with the Red Cross, volunteering with their Refugee Services team. This role involves working on case files of vast variety, providing us with more knowledge of the asylum process. The Red Cross also provide outstanding training to ensure we are equipped for the role, which will give lots of assistance to anyone wishing to study immigration law or work in the immigration field. 

The project team will continue to volunteer with the New Evidence Search Team. This involves being given your own client, and meeting with them to understand their claim. We then help them to find fresh evidence to submit with their new claim, enabling them to hopefully make a successful claim to seek asylum in the UK. 

Being a member of the Immigration and Asylum Project exposes you to new experiences, and great amounts of client exposure. It enables you to learn about the asylum process, and to give back to society by helping those who are in desperate need.

If you have any questions, contact the Project Director Jade Forrest via email at


Lawyers Without Borders

Lawyers Without Borders is a charitable organisation that harnesses the pro bono work of lawyers from around the world into volunteer service in global rule of law, capacity building and access to justice initiatives.
The main aim is to develop, manage and support initiatives in the human rights and global capacity building sectors through recruiting, managing and harnessing financial and volunteer resources which engage all sectors of civil society in a globally oriented collaborative pro bono effort.

As a Student Division of LWOB, our main goal is to contribute to our parent organisation’s global efforts by engaging in pro bono work, for the most part through legal research, as well as to help spread the awareness regarding the initiatives undertaken by Lawyers Without Borders.


Please contact the Director, Elisa Mancuso, for more information:


Litigants in Person


The Litigants in Person Project strives to help individuals that are currently not eligible for legal aid and do not have the financial means to fund their own cases. Student volunteers will work in the Leicester County Court assisting litigants with their cases by accompanying them into proceedings to take notes, fill out forms, and prepare legal bundles. Students will also have the responsibility of conducting interviews with service users to determine if there are any financial options for an individual to fund their own cases or if there is any opportunity for a third party charity to offer specialist aid. 

All volunteers will have the opportunity to be trained following the C.L.O.C.K (Community Legal Companion) training program, as well as topic specific training provided by the courts and our solicitor partners. Students will also have the invaluable opportunity to network directly with practicing solicitors and members of the judiciary along with multiple charitable organizations. 

If this Pro Bono Project interests you, we encourage you to apply. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Nigel Smith (Director) at


For further enquiries/questions please feel free to email:


Additionally, you can contact: 


Chief Officer of Pro Bono, Emily England:


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