• Now would be the ideal time to dig up any remaining potatoes you have to avoid them being damaged by slugs.
  • With the arrival of autumn weather it is the perfect time to move any shrubs or trees around without damaging them. This allows them to settle in well before spring comes around.
  • You can also cover leafy vegetable patches with a bird-proof netting to protect them over the autumn.


  • As autumn has truly arrived, don’t forget to clear up areas of fallen leaves from the trees.
  • Remember to remove any greenhouse shading previously applied earlier in the year, as the light levels will be reducing over the autumn!
  • Once they are ripe, berries and fruits can be obtained from trees and shrubs, ready to be sown immediately.


  • It is vital to protect trees and shrubs from the wind and the frost using a windbreak or frost fleecing.
  • The dormant season is a good time to prune many deciduous trees as when the branches are bare it is easier to see which ones need pruning. However, Prunus species are best left till spring as they are vulnerable to silver leaf if pruned at this time.

Don’t forget to remove the supports and stakes on late-flowering herbaceous plants. This will allow them to die down over the winter period.