• When the weather is dry, it is a good idea to apply the correct wood preservatives to your timber garden furniture.
  • March is the ideal month for the planting of roses in heavy soils. However, make sure not to plant roses in areas where other roses have been grown previously.
  • Trees and shrubs should be fertilised around this time with a balanced fertiliser


  • It’s a good idea to top up pots and tubs with a fresh layer of compost around 5cm in depth.
  • Climbing plants need to be regularly tied to their supports to ensure they grow upwards in the desired manner.
  • Dead-heading bedding plants is an important job at this time. Pansies are capable of thriving into late spring/early summer if they are maintained properly.


  • Regularly water newly planted trees and shrubs to prevent them drying out. Remember to use rainwater collected in water butts and recycled water (grey water).
  • This would be the ideal time to set up supports for herbaceous plants with heavy blooms before they grow too tall.
  • Continue to mow the lawn regularly and remember that the clippings can be placed in the compost heap!