History of Brookfield and Orchard

How it all started…

Our Brookfield plot started off as a dark and dreary corner of the University’s Brookfield campus on London Road… until Hungry for Change took it over and decided to make it a communal growing space with the help of volunteer students and staff

The removal of the 20foot privet hedge and fence opened up the site to allow us to install raised beds and start developing the site.

No hedge and fence!








We built our own greenhouse and planted an orchard full of quince, damson, pear, plum and apple trees as well as a variety of berries.…








The greenhouse being built and mended (many times!)

The orchard development

Now we have a full-fledged garden plot, complete with fruit, veg, and all the wildlife you could ask for!

First year’s potato planting in buckets!

Sweet pea and runner beans (left) Bee on our chives (right)










Here is the Brookfield plot in February 2016!