Impact Report

We're pleased to present the University of Leicester Students’ Union Impact Report for 2017. The past year has seen a significant amount of change at the Students’ Union. However, we believe that these changes have positively impacted on your lives as students, and has helped the Union achieve its goal of being “an innovative Union that empowers students to deliver change.”

Some of the headline achievements of last year include:

  • 88% increase in the number of candidates appearing on the ballot paper in the Executive Elections
  • Successful recruitment of a new Chief Executive Officer
  • Merging our Catering and Retail services with the University’s, to form a new commercial company equally owned by both organisation
  • Our Training and Development team have reached over 1,140 student leaders (such as course reps and union council members) with role specific training
  • Student staff have been paid £293,511 for 40,765 hours of work, an increase of 53%

Please take the time to read through this report and learn more about our work over the last year, and to find out more about the work taking place in the future to enhance your time at the University of Leicester.

You can read the digital version of the Impact Report below. Alternatively, you can download the document.