Adnan Rahman, Education OfficerAdnan Rahman, Education Officer


Hey Adnan here, I'm your Education Officer for 2020/21. Check out a bit of info about me below and my door will be open if you have any ideas, questions or concerns - you are always welcome.

About me

Course: BA Politics & International Relations

Hometown: Oxford 

How do you think your friends and family would describe you?

I would like to think that they would describe me as humble, friendly and determined.

What inspired you to become an Executive Officer?

A combination of the inspiring stuff officers before me did which I was drawn in to, what the student movement historically has contributed to changing the world and I felt as if what we are taught at University does not encapsulate enough of our lived experiences and what is important so I wanted to try and change that.

What can you offer students in your role?

I’m quite approachable and like talking to people so I would like to think that students can see me as someone they can relate to and talk to. But I am also very passionate about what I do and am determined to ensure that in this coming year, students are at the forefront of all my campaigns and plans.  

What are you looking forward to most during your year as an Executive Officer?

I am looking forward to building on what I have already learnt in my first term both in a personal & professional capacity and am very excited about building links between students and staff at the University.

What is the most important change you want to make this year?

I want senior members of the University to publicly commit to tangible & practical pledges around decolonising the curriculum so that students and staff can hold the University accountable when it comes to decolonisation.

How do you chill out when you’re not at work?

Depends on what mood I am in but usually it tends to be one of reading, journaling, chilling with friends, playing PS4 or watching Netflix.

If you were without the internet for a year, what three books, three songs and three series would you want to keep you amused?

Three books: the Qur’an, the Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse, the Kite Runner

Three songs: Lost by Frank Ocean, You Alright Yeah? By Don EE & Nado, Thiago Silva by Dave

Three series: Money Heist, Kenan & Kel, Stranger Things


Get in touch

You can email me, follow me on Twitter and Facebook too and check out what I'm up to.

You can find out more about my role and the other Officer roles here



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