Image of Tony Magaia, Liberation Officer 2020/21    About me.  Hi, I'm Tony and I'm your Liberation Officer for 2020/21.  Course: Biological Sciences- Genetics.  Hometown: Maputo, Mozambique baby, City of the Palm Trees.  How do you think your friends and family would describe you? In different ways – but if I take a guess it would be erratic, fun, fashionable, silly, and calm? (Extroverted Introverts unite?)    What inspired you to become an Executive Officer? I think being able to provide a platform for so many underrepresented voices, I always felt like an outsider (this is my cliche moment), and I really wanted to create a space for those who were most marginalised to come and feel welcomed and positive that their experiences would be brought to the table and acted upon.


What can you offer students in your role? An open heart. Liberation is not a single issue. It involves many things, many people, many lived experiences, and I myself cannot do this alone. It’s a joint campaign, it’s a collaborative, it’s being flexible with our learning, its being open and challenging our ignorance, privilege and bias, and that’s what I stand for. An open heart, to listen, and then to act!    What is the most important change you want to make this year? Create a community of shared language of what Liberation is. As I said, it’s not a singular isolated issue. Liberation is part of a wider movement that will bring positive change to many peoples’ lives, even if you’re not directly affected by it. Bringing to light issues and experiences from marginalised communities that had not been heard before. Create a Leicester that understands and knows what liberation is, and why we do it.    Hobbies & interests. I’m a big gamer, so most of the time I’m doing that. Final Fantasy X is my favourite game. Pokemon is a must as well. If you’re on Pokemon Go, add me as a friend: 8311 7960 2202. Series- Given (technically it’s an anime- 12/13 episodes though so good for a binge), Shameless US (need me some good Gallavich), Rupaul’s Drag Race. Albums- Chromatica by Lady Gaga, Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan and Supermodel by Foster The People.


Monthly Updates

Find out what your Liberation Officer has been doing to support you over the previous and upcoming month.


Updates (May)


In the last month I have been working on:

• Met with Eden from NUS who has completed their review in the LGBT+ Staff Guide.

• Met with part time Liberation Officers with regard to the Liberation Section of the website..

• Met with the ELC and University with regard to Accessability, talked about Trigger Warning.

• Meeting with Diversity and Ability - sent them our scope awaiting feedback regarding the cost of completing an Accessability Audit..

• International Student Development - reached out to Careers happy to deliver events in July, will be doing blog before I leave.

• Met with new Liberation Coordinator - discussed upcoming campaigns.

• Discussed Accessibility Audit with Disability Action Group of University and they are on-board with project.

• Dignity and respect Working Group - reviewing the policy including developing plans with regard to its launch.

• Worked on Anti-Harassment Campaign with the SU, students and University helping plan and organise the campaign.

• Recorded Videos for Student Voice Awards.

• Had an informal Remuneration and HR Committee meeting.

• Attended Disciplinary Panels.

• Met with Richard Craggs including more Liberation and EDI input into personal tutor review.

• Sat on Societies Council looking at new group applications.

• Attended the Student Voice Review Forum.


In the next month I will be focusing on:

• Writing Blog Post for Internatinal Students with regard to careers.

• Finishing Liberation Section of website.

• Finishing LGBT+ Staff Guide review ready for publication..

• Review Costs for Audit and write a business case for presentation to University.

• Filming some videos for EDI Training Module.

• Preparing and delivering Handover to new Liberation coordinator.

• LGBT+ Liberation Strategy ation planning.

• Finalise Gender Neutral Toilets actions.


Updates (April 16)


In the last month I have been working on:

• Sat on the interview Panel for the recruitment of the Liberation Coordinator.

• Held Interviews for the Director of Leicester Institute for Inclusivity in Higher Education.

• Attended Trustee Board

• Met with Geoff Green and Angie Pears with regard to the Future of Liberation Campaigns Funding.

• Accessability Audit - Met with EDI, Gareth and the Accessibility Officer to map out which areas the audit will focus on. Next steps is to meet with Angie and then the company who will do the review to ascertain likely costing that would then go into the business case.

• Meeting with Geoff Green and Angie with regard to putting together a strategy for increasing the funding for Liberation Campaigns, reached an agreement of getting more funding, next steps to contact external relations.

• Setting up meetings with the Liberation Officers to develop the Liberation Section of Union Website.

• Finished reviewing the LGBT+ Staff Guide.


In the next month I will be focusing on:

• Contacting Eden from NUS with regard to conducting a final review of the LGBT+ Staff Guide.

• Meeting with Liberation Officers with regard to the development of the Liberation Section of the website.

• Meeting with Equality and Liberation Champions.

• Meeting with Diversity and Ability - with regard to the preparation of a Business case for the Accessibility Audit.

• International Student Development - planning on developing a blog post to help students looking for jobs.

• Start planning the work on LGBT Housing Project.

• Working with Gareth and Angie Pears to start to put together business case for the increase of funding for Liberation Campaigns.

Updates (February)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Recruiting and training of ELC's including LGBT+ Training.

• Reviewing the Gender Neutral Toilets Policy for Estates and Campus Services.

•Liased with the Equality and Diversity Inclusion Team including providing comments on improvements to the Equality Training and inputting into the Review the Trans Giudance Policy.

• Equality and Diversity Inclusion Committee - fed back the SU liberation priorities for the year, and presented a couple of recommendations for the committee with regards to key committments on liberations, reviewing University Equality Diversity Champions and Accessibility in post Covid world and update on available resources.

• Worked with Stonewall to deliver a Sports Inclusion Training as part of LGBT+ History Month.

•Respondingto student feedback and casework.

• Beginning work on enabling an accessibility audit on campus.

• Setting up the events and communications for International Womxn's Week.

• Working with the Union Executive Team on the development of the new Union Strategy.

• Put together the questions for the Liberation Officer Election Question and Answer Session.

• Reviewing the LGBTQ+ Staff Guide.

• Feeding into the Persnal Tutor Review Group, to ensure that there is focus on liberation.

• Race Equality Actioning Group which is looking at taking positive action regarding recruitment, decolonisation and an information piece on race terminology.

• Gender Equality Actioning Group - which is examining the gender pay gap and overseeing International Womxn's Week

• LGBT+ Actioning Group - discussing future of LGBT+ History Month including reviewing this year's activities. In addition working on Gender Neutral signage in new buildings and the potential outsourcing of LGBT+ Welfare Support.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Ongoing work on the Accessibility Audit icluding having further conversations with Accessibility Network and Officer.

• Working with the Trans Officer to put together a programme for Trans Day with Disability.

• Having conversations about the future of Liberation Campaigns and their funding with the University.

• Developing the Liberation section of the Student's Union website.

• Attending the Student's Union Trustee Board.

• Sitting on the interviewing panel for the recruitment of a new Liberation Coordinator.

• Sitting on interview panel the Director of Liecester Institute for Inclusivity in Higher Education.

Updates (January 11 - January 29)


In the next two weeks I will be working on:

• Supporting the part-time officers with campaigns such as LGBTQ+ History Month.

• Putting plans in place for International Womxn's Week 2021.

Updates (December 1 - December 18)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Event on 30 November with Malak who did a workshop for International Day of Disabilities.

• Prepared Liberation Strategy Presentation to Student Council and Senior Management Board.

• Productive meeting with Graham Wynn and the Accessibility Officer – with regard to additional time for Assessments for students with access requirements.

• Had an initial discussion with DMU for Varsity Pride.

• Helping with the Tuition Fee Campaign Forums – students provided lots of good feedback and I will be focusing on the International Students side of the campaign.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Conducting Equality and Liberation Champion Interviews

• Presenting the Liberation Board to the Trustee Board

Updates (November 16 - November 30)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• In conjunction with Activities and Sports Officer wrote a proposal for more resources for grant funding which is ready to be presented to the University.

• Supporting the Part Time Officers to help them with their projects.

• Equality and Liberation Champion applications have re-opened.

• Preparing for and attending Scrutiny Panel.

• Organising a couple of events for International Day for Disabilities including the Disability So White on Monday.

• Organising events for World Aids Day on Tuesday 1st December


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Setting up a meeting with the Library alongside the Mature Students Officer to look into Child Friendly Provisions.

• Working with LGBT+ Officer and Trans Officer to continue the work on ensuring all campus buildings have Gender Neutral Toilets.

• Completing the Liberation Strategy and presenting it to Annual Members Meeting and Trustee Board.

• Conducting Interviews for Equality and Liberation Champions

• Continue preparing content for the Liberation Section of the Union Website and start making the LGBT Staff Guides.

• Write a proposal for Tier 5 Employment for the University

• Helping with the planning and organisation of Holocaust Memorial Day

• Support the organisation of Disability History Month and the planning of LGBT+ History Month and International Womens Week.

Updates (October 19 - November 2)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Leading the Black History Month campaign – “We Are Black History”

• Lobbying the University to ensure that registration forms have more gender options included

• Ensuring that there are improvements to the prayer space provisions on campus

• Lobbying the University for gender Neutral Toilets to be installed across all campus buildings

• Finalising the LGBT Student training that will be delivered to students in the coming weeks


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Upcoming Black History Month events including the Inspiration Black Student Careers events

• Publishing survey results of LGBT experiences of counselling and welfare services.

• Planning for LGBT+ History month

• Planning for International day for persons with Disabilities


Find out what Tony's main termly focuses are:


Term 1


Priority 1 - Students Union Liberation page/resources

Ways to address:

• Meet with Part time Officers and Equality and Liberation Champions to get a feel of what content we should put there.

•Update current resources we have for students.

• Continue review of University Equalities Training.


Priority 2 - Students Union Liberation page/resources

Ways to address:

• Stay in contact with NUS to figure out best way to take issue nationally

• Review International Student Hardship Funds.

• Meet with university to provide Clear clarification of where fees go to.

• Present a proposal for to university for tier 5 employment.


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