Tony Magaia, Liberation Officer


Hi, I'm Tony and I'm your Liberation Officer for 2020/21.

Find out a little bit about me below and please feel free to send me a message on Facebook/email with any concerns.

About me

Name: My name is Ayrton (read Ah-Ear-Ton), but unless you can say it right, Tony works fine!

Course: Biological Sciences  -Genetics 

Hometown: Maputo, Mozambique baby, city of the Palm Trees

How do you think your friends and family would describe you?

This is a conflicting question because I think my family and friends would describe me in different ways – but if I take a guess it would be erratic, fun, fashionable, silly, and calm? (Extroverted Introverts unite?)

What inspired you to become an Executive Officer?

I think being able to provide a platform for so many underrepresented voices, I always felt like an outsider (this is my cliché moment), and I really wanted to create a space for those who were most marginalised to come and feel welcomed and positive that their experiences would be brought to the table and taken acted upon.

What can you offer students in your role?

An open heart. Liberation is not a single issue. It involves many things, many people, many lived experiences, and I myself cannot do this alone. It’s a joint campaign, it’s a collaborative, it’s being flexible with our learning, its being open and challenging our ignorance, privilege and bias, and that’s what I stand for. An open heart, to listen, and then to act!

What are you looking forward to most during your year as an Executive Officer?

Interacting with students. We are elected with our manifestos, but so many things can go in the year, you meet so many different people, your priorities may shift, or you may tailor your priorities to the specific needs of students, and I love doing that, we are elected by them, so working with students it what I’m always the most excited for.

What is the most important change you want to make this year?

Create a community of shared language of what Liberation is. As I said, it’s not a singular isolated issue. Liberation is part of a wider movement that will bring positive change to many peoples’ lives, even if you’re not directly affected by it. Bringing to light issues and experiences from marginalised communities that had not been heard before. Create a Leicester that understands and knows what liberation is, and why we do it.

How do you chill out when you’re not at work?

I’m a big gamer, so most of the times I’m doing that. Final Fantasy X is my favourite game. Pokémon is a must as well. If you’re on Pokemon Go, add me as a friend: 8311 7960 2202.

If you were without the internet for a year, what three books, three songs and three series would you want to keep you amused?

I don’t read much, so we’re gonna have to skip this one. Series definitely: Given (technically it’s an anime – 12/13 episodes though so good for a binge), Shameless US (need me some good Gallavich), and I have to say Rupaul’s Drag Race. I’m gonna cheat for songs and do albums instead, so, definitely Chromatica by Lady Gaga, Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan and Supermodel by Foster The People.

Get in touch

You can email me and follow me on Twitter and Facebook but feel free to pop by the SU office and say hello too.

You can find out more about my role and the other Officer roles here


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