Tony Magaia, Equality and Liberation Officer


Hi, I'm Tony and I'm proud to be Leicester Students' Union's first Equality and Liberation Officer.

Find out a little bit about me below and please feel free to drop by the office on the first floor of the SU for a chat or send me a message on Facebook/email with any concerns.

About me

Course: Biological Sciences (Genetics)

Hometown: I'm from Maputo, Mozambique 

What's one thing that most people don't know about you?

Well, I’m going to be a bit rebellious and say more than one thing! A couple of things people don’t know are that I can speak 4 languages, I’m a big video game geek, I love anime, and Pokémon is my life!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have any superpower, it would definitely be Telekinesis. Imagine, being able to get the remote control without having to compromise your comfortable position on the couch! Also, because Raven and Jean Grey are some of my favourite superheroes, and I always dreamt of having their powers.

What is your role as Equality and Liberation Officer and what can you offer to students?

Well, I am your *First* Equality and Liberation Officer and I am your focal point I would say for anything campaigns-related regarding minority groups (LGBT+, BAME, Women and students with disabilities) as well as providing support to, and not limited to International and Mature students. I would say that what I would like to offer students is opportunity, to thrive, feel supported and included within the University so that the Student Experience that we talk about can be representative of every single student.

What are you looking forward to most during your year as an Executive Officer?

For me, it’s meeting the students. I say that getting a degree, as well as being an executive officer are all amazing achievements, but I find that you learn so much through your interactions with people, because you get to each share your experiences and with that you expand your knowledge as well as your horizon to so many different things! There’s always something that you can learn with someone. So my advice, go say hi to that stranger!

What do you love about Leicester Students’ Union?

I think that one of the things I love about the student’s union is all the opportunities they offer to students outside their degree! There is so much to get involved in. Recently there has been a lot being done for liberation campaigns, and its wonderful to see how open the Union is to students fighting and campaigning for what they believe!

Get in touch

You can email me and follow me on Twitter and Facebook but feel free to pop by the SU office and say hello too.

You can find out more about my role and the other Officer roles here


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