Image of Mia Nembhard, President 2020/21    Hi I'm Mia and I'm President of your Students' Union 2020/21 after being your 2019/20 Sports Officer. Course: Geography. Hometown: South London. How do you think your friends and family would describe you? Clumsy Hardworking, Funny.    What inspired you to become an Exec Officer? I didn't know what I wanted to do after uni and I had become more and more involved with the SU through being on committees as Publicity Sec and the Club Captain of Netball.


Honesty, energy and advocacy. I’m looking forward to starting to tick some items off my manifesto and really getting to know a greater range of students. The conferences and meetings are all part of what makes it feel official, but working with students and seeing your ideas come  to life is what I am most excited about.    Transforming Wednesdays so that students are able to focus on themselves, whether that’s career development, extra-curricular activities or just basic self-care. Also advocating for students in terms of the accessibility of dual-delivery, blacklisting bad landlords, working on defining and the reporting systems for hate-based crimes of racism, homophobia and transphobia and continue working on justice for survivors on campus.    Netflix, Nintendo Switch or time with mates. Series- Insecure, As Told by Ginger Ru Paul’s Drag Race S12 + 8  Songs- A.Cupido by DEVA & Recycled J  Books- Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo, Change Everything: Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition (Abolitionist Papers) by Ruth Wilson-Gilmore.


Fortnightly Updates

Find out what your President has been doing to support you over the previous and upcoming two weeks.


Updates (December 1 - December 18)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Developing the Supporting Student Sex Workers Campaign including: Successfully passing a proposal at the Annual Members Group, Chaired the Actioning Group, Planning for Sex Workers Events, Media with Radio 4

• Planning and organisation of Tuition Fee Campaign:- Held 2 student forums to gather feedback and ideas for the campaign, Writing content for Union website for the campaign

• Working with the Union Development Network to improve the accessibility of our democratic structures.

• Had Preliminary interview on Womens Hour on Radio 4 and writing up NUS Statement around the Nordic Bill.

• Contributed to a Podcast with Standing Together.

• Union Development Network around meetings


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Coordinating the running of the Student Sex Worker event.

• Chairing the Union Development Network Meeting

• Looking at the long term strategy for the NUS Womens Campaign

• Sitting on the Interview panel for the recruitment of the University Registrar.

• One to One meeting with Pro Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Updates (November 16 - November 30)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Preparing for BUCS Future Leaders black Heritage Forum Preparing that is taking place next week.

• Working with Marketing to plan the launch of the Tuition Fee Campaign due to commence in mid-December.

• Worked with Registrar on Student Movement Communications and the development of an Engagement Plan for those students remaining in Leicester.

• Established a Postgraduate Research Students Working Groups.

• Attended Leicester Citizens Annual General Meeting.

• Chaired the Union Development Network Meeting

• Brought a paper to University Council highlighting the SU Activity for the 2020/21 year.

• Attended Student Council.

• One to ones with University Registrar and Vice Chancellor.

• Continued Preparations for the Executive Elections.

• Hosted a Live Instagram Student Forum.

• Preparations for and attendance at Scrutiny Panel

• Organisation and planning of a Sex Workers Event


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Development of Sex Workers Motion that will be debated at the Annual Members Meeting

• Filming for University Graduation Celebrations.

• Interview with Capital – where I will be talking about the Student Movement.

• Recording a Podcast with the Standing Together Team with a theme of ‘Where do you draw the line’.

• Continued work on the Centenary Celebration Planning.

• Filming for a video to promote the Executive Elections.

• Further work on developing the Tuition Fee Campaign

• Attending the: Alumni Association Committee, A Meeting to restructure the Student Partnerships Committee, Capital Strategy and Estates Board, USS Pension Meeting, Student Council

• Catch-ups with Pro Vice Chancellor for Education Graham Wynn

Updates (November 2 - November 16)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Working with the University on Lockdown response and delivery.

• Chaired first network meeting (union development), and SU executive committee meeting with officers and SMT.

• Produced the University Exec Board live Q&A (selected the questions from staff that EB would answer).

• Weekly student COVID behaviour groups with staff across the University.

• Working with Voice team on starting Exec team forum again to connect with more students

• Working with registrar on new Lockdown engagement opportunities for students.

• Meeting re-introducing the Erase the Grey campaign on campaign against sexual violence.

• University council finance committee.

• Joined the West Midlands Universities Sexual Violence Working Group on behalf of the NUS.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Beginning Executive Elections 2021 planning.

• Continuing to coordinate weekly Student Forums to give students the opportunity to engage and feedback on their experiences.

• Continued work with University to improve the engagement of Postgraduate Research Students.

• Will be sitting on a panel to gather feedback from Course Reps and their peers on the current experiences/challenges been faced by Students.

• Leading the CEO Appraisal quarterly review.

• Working with Standing together on podcasts surrounding domestic violence.

• • Working with the library to reintroduce spaces for students to eat.



Find out about Mia's termly priorities:


Term 1 Priorities


#1: Tuition fees: why should we pay £9250+ for an online education?

Ways to address:

• Work with UK Officers to lobby Universities UK to set guidance/policy for universities to follow.

• Run an information campaign on why tuition fee refunding is a challenge.

• Pressure University respond to issues especially with International student fees from pricing to how this is used to fund the university operations.


#2: December engagement plan for students not leaving the city.

Ways to address:

• Lobby university to extend on-campus service hours for areas such as the library.

• Ensure there are catered opportunities for Xmas day for those in halls.

• Provide an opportunity for students to apply welfare check-ins over the period such as phone calls/emails from staff in the Welfare department.




Find out Mia's wins this term:

Student Movement Hardship Assessment


Previously students were directed to fill out the hardship form which would’ve left students without the real time access to funds the need.

Drop an email and your request will now be assessed within 24 hours.

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