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Parkour Society

UoL Parkour Society is a newly created society (2019) welcoming of all skill levels of freerunners, traceurs and creative movement enthusiasts alike.


Our aim is to build a thriving parkour community within UoL as a way to socialise, have fun and obtain general fitness.


We will be holding 2 weekly training sessions:

Fridays 20:00-21:00 (TBC)

  • Indoor training in the centre of town with specialised equipment including vaults, angled walls and crash mats.
  • Third Party teaching from qualified parkour coaches.

Sundays 12:00 onwards

  • Outdoor training at Leicester’s own specially designed parkour park in bede park, equipped with a rubberized floor.
  • 20 minute walk from campus
  • Sundays will include exploration the city centre to find training spots and challenges.
  • Completely free


Once freshers fair is complete and we know numbers that will likely be attending, we will arrange weekly travel to and from the parkour parks.

In addition to the weekly training sessions, we aim to hold big trips to indoor parkour gyms across the UK as well as to legendary training spots in London.


Don’t be scared off by all of the crazy videos you may see on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram of athletes attempting “death defying stunts”. These people have trained for years and years  and years at ground level to get to the level they are at. UoL Parkour society makes safety it’s number 1 priority, ensuring all relevant safety-based skills such as the “safety roll” are learnt first. You will never be pressured into doing anything beyond your own comfort zone. Just like all freerunners train, the majority of our training will take place at ground level in safe environments.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, we would love for you to join us :)     -


Your societies’ team:

  • President - Benjamin Bennett
    • Contact directly at
  • Secretary - Filmon Sissay
  • Treasurer - Connor Daniels


Instagram: UoLParkourSociety


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