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Creative Writing

To all those interested in writing, spoken word poetry, making new friends and simply having some fun- this is the society for you.

It does not matter what you write, be it poetry or novella- we don’t expect you to write the next 1984 (not while you’re a member anyway).

All we aim to do is provide a relaxed and friendly environment where members can develop their skills and eat some biscuits in the process.

Aside from offering weekly workshops on topics from film script to haiku and horror to comedy, we also provide the chance to attend speeches and workshops by guest writers, up to date information on competitions, an online portfolio to display your work in all its glory and perhaps, most importantly, a chance to meet and talk with like-minded people.


President - Josh Lever

Email -

Membership - £3

Any Additional Costs -  Visits from guest writers require a small donation from members towards travel expenses.

Meeting Times - Workshops are held every Tuesday at 6pm, in the Attenborough building, room 111

The first two sessions will be free to everyone--sessions after that will be members only. 

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Meet the committee! 


Josh Lever, President


Niamh Ashton, Treasurer












Hey guys, my name’s Niamh and I’ll be the treasurer of Writesoc for this academic year. I’m 20 and am in my third and final year of university studying BA Geography. I’ve loved writing ever since doing ‘Exciting writing’ classes in primary school, and so I joined the society to meet those who are just as passionate as me about all things writing, as well as to learn and improve from others. In addition to writing, I love reading and travelling, two things that complement being part of the creative writing society. The society is a great place for anyone that likes writing, no matter how much, and is the perfect place to improve and display your skills to other people with similar interests, and apart from that just to have fun! As your committee, we want to make your experience as great as can be, so please feel free to come to any of us to help us with this!

Tom Hyde, Secretary 

Hello, I’m Tom, and I’m the Secretary for this year. I’m a fourth year Physics student doing this when I should probably be revising or something. I’ve been reading and writing for just about as long as I can remember, so it’s nice to get an opportunity to hopefully help and encourage others to do the same. Don’t worry if you have little (or no) experience with writing before, we’ve got people of all skill levels; we’re here to offer advice, not judgement. And even if you don’t learn anything new it’s usually fun, so please feel free to join us.


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