Hidden Costs


Spent too much on dissertation printing?

Burdened with equipment associated with your degree?

Need help paying for a field trip?

Struggling with the cost of playing sport?

We have launched a hidden costs bursary scheme to help you - in direct response to the large amount of additional student costs you told us about in our 10,000 Conversations Project and in the 'Your Union, Your Voice' survey.

Complete the form here

The deadline for applications to be submitted is Monday 1 July 2019.  

Some examples of costs that would be covered by this scheme include:

  • Dissertation printing and/or binding
  • Travel to a placement or field work
  • Purchase of a core text book
  • Printing required for your academic studies
  • Travel to campus
  • Team Leicester membership required to join a club

Fill out the form now and you could see your money land back in your pocket where it belongs!