Stand Against Islamophobia


Asalaam Walaikum and hello everyone! We are proud to be launching ‘Stand Against Islamophobia’ this month - a campaign that looks at bringing to light the complex nature of Structural Islamophobia, how Islam and perceived Muslimness is racialised, the different intersecting identities of being Muslim and what steps we can take in order to make a Stand Against Islamophobia. 


This will kick off with a panel event on the Prevent Duty, securitisation and how Muslim students are often policed and left isolated as a result. This will take place on Thursday 14th November from 6pm in Bennett Lecture Theatre 2. Speakers include former National Union of Students (NUS) President, Malia Bouattia, Deej Malik-Johnson from the NUS Black Students’ Campaign, and Saffa Mir who used to sit on the committee of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS). This will be chaired by Adnan Rahman, your Education Officer.


We will then follow this up with another panel event on Gendered Islamophobia; how Islamophobia intersects with mysogyny and how presenting Muslim womxn are disproportionately targeted. This will take place on Tuesday 19th November from 6pm in the Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 2. Speakers include former NUS Women’s Officer, Hareem Ghani, the NUS Disabled Students Officer 2nd Place, Malak Mayet and writer, poet and activist, Fatima Diriye. This will be chaired by Sana Ali, your Wellbeing Officer. 


As well as these panel events we have planned for November, the Students’ Union later on in the year will also be looking to organise a ‘Know Your Rights’ workshop in regard to Prevent, a Muslims in Leadership panel and facilitate discussions around intersecting identities of being Muslim. We hope you are able to appreciate what we have organised so far and we look forward to welcoming you all!


In solidarity & peace,

Sana Ali & Adnan Rahman, your Wellbeing & Education Officers respectively :)


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