Student Voice Awards



The Student Voice Awards celebrate and recognise individuals who have enhanced student experience, education and equality at the University of Leicester. This is a chance for both students and University staff to reflect on a past academic year and the achievements of our student leaders, be they Academic Reps (i.e. Course Reps and Department Reps), Students' Union Reps, Equality and Liberation Champions, Part-time Officers or students who regularly engage in SU events and campaigns.

Though we had originally planned for a drinks reception, speakers, food and entertainment, as well as the awards themselves, the light of recent global events  this year's ceremony will be held online on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 4.00pm. Nominations for the awards have now closed and the shortlist of potential winners has been announced.


Student Voice Awards Shortlist 2020

The following students have been shortlisted

Akshay Chaudhary

Angela Schmitz

Aqua Asif

Ariana Lambert

Arina Ovcinnikova

Bianca Semczuk

Catherine Weaver

Connor Burchell

Deanna Kiddle

Emma Westbrook

Gemma Sanderson

Jeehan Shameem

Jessica Campbell

Karim Haj Mohammad

Kayleigh Topliss

Kiera Procter

Kirstie Hartlett

Kubra Shah

Lauren Pearson

Lewis Evans-Richardson

Lewis Ruddock

Maeva Kamtcheu

Maria Prescott

Michelle Sutton

Nate Searson

Nathaniel Brown

Ola Dalek

Oniza Niazi

Owen Baines

Pedram Baniasadi

Pelumi Obasaju

Prabhleen Mann

Prubjeet Singh

Sana Ali

Tasha Krywald

Tawny Barden

Thariq Maulana

Prabhleen Mann

Thomas Oliver

Tom Klaus

Tosin Mayomi

Zach Banks



Winners will be announced Tuesday 26 May at 4pm during our online broadcast on Facebook  


This year, the Student Voice Awards will be split into three sections, two focused on student leaders:  

  • Academic Representation Awards, which celebrate the achievements of your Course Reps and Department Reps and the progress made across the academic year.  
  • Students’ Union Awards, which recognise all of the incredible efforts made by Students’ Union Representatives, Part-Time Officers and Equality and Liberation Champions to deliver campaigns for the wider student interest and advocate for underrepresented groups.  

Our third section will be dedicated to the Superstar Awards, where staff receive recognition  for going above and beyond supporting students, addressing queries, or providing excellent service.  

For a full list of all the awards and their criteria click here for our PDF Guide!.

If you have any questions regarding the awards, please feel free to email

Student Voice Award Winners 2018/19

Course Rep of the Year

Angela Schmitz

Most Impactful Course Rep

Peace Ituku

New Course Rep

Maryam Durojaiye

Most Improved Course Rep

Poppy Crow

Course Rep of the Year for Social Sciences, Art and Humanities

Bhavini Amin

Course Rep of the Year for Life Sciences

Sam Forbes-Fairfax

Course Rep of the Year for Science and Engineering

Thomas Newman

Lead Union Rep of the Year

Kieran Roberts

Social Impact Award

Karli Wagener

Equality & Liberation Champion of the Year

Emma Westbrook

Departmental Impact Award

Connor Burchell

Champion for Change

Sana Ali

Part-Time Officer of the Year

Sandra Tetteh

Most Impactful Officer Project

Jay Cavanagh

Campaign of the Year

Benjamin Bennett

Event of the Year

Tony Magaia

Outstanding Contribution

Tom Klaus

Outstanding Dedication

Lilli Helps

Rising Star

Pedram Bani Asadi

Student Activist

Adnan Rahman

Equality Advocate

Doyin Oreagba

Congratulations to all our award winners and nominees - we can't wait to see what you do next.

Please visit our facebook page to view photos from the SVA2019 event.