Lead Union Representative

Are you passionate, proactive and care about the needs of others?

Have you considered becoming a Lead Union Representative? You will be the eyes, ears and voice of students working together on campaigning and implementing a wide variety of ideas to enhance the student experience. In the past this has included:-

  • Wider Variety of food on Campus
  • Campaigning for bursaries for Asylum Seekers
  • Blood Donation Drive on campus
  • Accommodation support and advice for students
  • To lobby for food to be allowed to be eaten in the Library
  • Improve safety on Victoria Park
  • To introduce a Zero Tolerance Policy for the Union
  • Increase the number of water fountains on campus
  • Introduction of Equality and Liberation Champions

As a Lead Union Representative you will:-

  • Gain fantastic transferable skills, including leadership, communication and project management.
  • Gain experience attending formal meetings with senior University staff.
  • Opportunity to gain accreditation, including the Leicester Award.
  • Make a lasting impact on the student experience at Leicester.

How do I vote for this positions?

Voting is open till 3.00pm on Friday 19th October, to vote go to  https://www.leicesterunion.com/voice/democracy/elections/autumntermelections2018/

If you have any problems or have any questions regarding the role or the election then do not hesitate to email unioncouncil@le.ac.uk.

Lead Union Rep Role Description

  1. Be the premier representatives of their department to the Union and University.
  2. Regularly liaise with Course Representatives, Equality and Diversity Champions and Academic Societies within their department.
  3. Proactively interact with the Union’s ideas system, attending Union Council, and Actioning Group meetings to ensure relevant campaigns/events and changes are made to enhance the student experience.
  4. Represent students on relevant Union and University committees, including departmental and College Learning Teaching Committees and Programme Approval Panels.  This will include:

    a)    preparing for committees, including receiving briefings and relevant  consultation with students.

    b)    contributing proactively to the committee ensuring relevant actions are  agreed/followed up on.

    c)     submission of a short report detailing students consulted, key actions/outcomes and next steps,  including relevant communication to representatives and students.

  5. Take a proactive role in talking with students, identifying their ideas/concerns and then feeding this information forward to the Union.
  6. Attend appropriate training events organised by the Union.