Student Council


Representing you, and shining a light on the issues that matter

Union Council makes up the Union's democratic structure. It's where you can debate and discuss issues or ideas that affect the student body, while elected student representatives can vote on proposals and policies.

If you have any questions about any aspect of Union Council, get in touch with Ian Bruce.

Purpose of Council

Through debating and passing policies/ideas, create change that will enhance the student experience, to set the Union’s stance on key issues, and to identify and conduct campaigns on relevant topics. Everyone is welcome at Union Council and there are 20 open votes that will be randomly allocated on arrival to students to have their say on the ideas been discussed, joining the Lead Union Representatives and the Part Time Officers who make up Council. 

New Ideas System

One of our key goals as a Union is to listen to your views, and then act to improve your University experience. Let us know your ideas quickly and directly by submitting via our simple online Ideas System 

Questions and enquiries

If you have any questions about Union Council or the other ways in which you can make your voice heard during your time at University, get in touch with Ian Bruce.



Upcoming Union Council Meetings:

The next Union Council will take place in Gee’s on Tuesday 19th March at 6pm. We have not only one, but three proposals coming forward to council this month. If you are passionate about any of the three proposals that will be presented and voted upon during the meeting, be sure to come along!

The propsals are:

  • To change the name of the Part-time Trans Officer to Trans and Non-Binary Officer
  • To Change the name of the Part-time Disabled Students Officer to the Accessibility Officer
  • To allow all students to vote for the Equality and Liberation Officer role in the Executive Elections

We will also receive feedback from the research groups that have met individually to finalise their actions. And finally, there will be a timeslot dedicated to discussing the personal tutoring system. During this, we will ask for your feedback and listen to any comments that you may have.

As always, Union Council is open to all students and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. Any questions, please email Amy Moran We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!