What's changed?


Our Union Council has undergone a significant restructuring to better deliver our primary goal of helping you to make meaningful and timely change. Old processes which could often take months to reach resolution have been replaced, enabling the voice of 10,000 students to be heard and realised both faster and more effectively.

Breakdown of Union Council changes:

  • Implementation of simplified student voice systems and processes
  • Reformed Council and Ideas system, cutting the time it takes to enact change
  • Removal of Old 'Zones' system
  • More frequent, shorter Union Council Meetings
  • Council formed of Lead Union Reps and Part-Time Officers
  • Replacement of Departmental Reps and College Reps with Lead Union Reps
  • Giving students the means to add comment and 'like' ideas online
  • Action taken swiftly, students informed of changes/progress
  • Emphasis on quality training and regular evidence-based briefings