Equality and Diversity

Equality and Liberation Champions:

The University of Leicester has a hugely diverse student body whose voice needs to be heard.

Often in the world we live in, it is overlooked that our identities rarely fall neatly under one label. It is disregarded that individuals experience the world in completely different ways and have a range of diverse needs.

Equality and Liberation Champions (ELC's), represent the needs and views of students who are frequently underrepresented in the curriculum, social activities and other aspects of University life.

Leicester Students' Union work with ELC’s, who act as student leaders to represent, engage with and help to improve the experience of students from a liberation perspective i.e. BAME, Women, LGBT+ and Disability. Through this, the aim is to create an inclusive, decolonised and accessible curriculum and campus.

Your ELC’s are here for you, so if you have any concerns regarding race, accessibility, gender, sexuality, equality and diversity, you can speak with them directly either in person, or via email. They will be able to raise concerns on your behalf and provide signposting, which will help you to get any support you may need.

Our current Champions have been involved in a range of events across campus, including Black History Month and Inclusivity Fortnight. If you’re interested in inclusivity and liberation, they can help you to get involved with future events too!

If want to find out more about Equality and Liberation Champions or have any questions, please email Sarah Chapman, SU Democracy and Liberation Coordinator (sc732@leicester.ac.uk).