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    New and improved toilets in the SU

      The toilets in the Student Union are absolutely disgusting, I've never been in there where they've been clean. There is stall in the women's toilet that currently has no toilet seat, and hasn't had one for an extremely long time. The area around the sink is always soaking wet, despite the fact the taps don't actually work properly, as is the floor. The sanitary bins are often full and the toilet roll dispensers always got blocked so no toilet roll can come out. The toilet itself is really dark and dirty. I think it's unbelievable that only 4 toilets are meant to serve the busiest floor of the SU, because of this there's almost always a queue. The toilets often have no soap, so people are spreading germs around the SU and campus where people are eating. They've been this way for a while and I think something really needs to be done about them as a matter of urgency.
    Rachel Elizabeth Elder
    1:55pm on 6 Nov 18 stupid idea
    Natasha Alexandra Krywald
    8:28pm on 21 Feb 19 More disabled ones too please!! :D