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    Improved Wheelchair facilities on Campus

      I am a part time wheelchair user, so see both sides to this story. And whilst the Uni campus is mostly brilliant for getting from place to place (lifts/ramps etc), it doesn't always have the best facilities when you arrive at your destination and getting there isn't always so easy. For example the main hill into the Uni is an absolute nightmare, but annoyingly we can't help mother nature hah! But there are some things we could change... for example, when I am using a wheelchair, I cannot easily reach the microwaves in the SU or even the water bottle fillers in Gees. And I can barely fit through some of the doors, as my wheels are a bit big! Don't even get me started on trying to open doors myself from my chair... we need more doorstops/automatic doors hah! I also realize that those who sit in their wheelchairs, would not be able to use the desks in lectures without getting out of their chairs (some users can't/ do not like to get out) Perhaps the Uni/SU could find a way to create 'wheelchair friendly' desks for students! it would also be AMAZING to have some sort of Map/section on the UoL App's map to show accessible routes to locations and help those using wheelchairs to plan these routes, find disabled toilets/facilities and basically just make their life a lot easier!
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