Executive Officer Elections

So. You're here. Which means you've probably worked out there's some pretty important elections going on. Well done - that's a pretty good first step! We thought you might have a few questions about the whole election thing. This section should give you all the information you need
(and if it's not here - email your Activities Officer.)

Why do we have elections?

The Students' Union is an independent membership organisation and a charity. It's here to represent you and your best interests while you are studying with the University of Leicester.

We're a democratic organisation with 23,000 members and so we don't recruit our leaders like most companies do. There's no job application process, shortlists or panels to make the decision.

The members (that's you as students) decide who will run and lead our Union. These elections are important because they cover all areas of how you're represented here at the University of Leicester Students' Union. It's your chance to be part of something big, have some fun, and shape your SU. 

When does voting open?

Voting in the full-time Executive Officer elections open on Wednesday 22nd February at 8am and will close on Friday 24th February at 4pm. Results will be announced on the evening of February 24th.

How do I vote?

You will be able to vote through the following options:

  • Your unique fast-track link, which will be e-mailed to you once voting opens
  • Through your Union account by signing in during voting and visiting leicesterunion.com/votenow
  • Setting up a new Union account, activating your account and visiting leicesterunion.com/votenow

You can download a guide with the information on how to vote by clicking here.