Leics Decolonise

What is the LeicsDecolonise campaign?

LeicsDecolonise is a student-led campaign dedicated to lobbying our University to divest from companies complicit in the climate crisis & oppression, democratising our University so that power is in the hands of the broader student-staff community and confronting the ways in which our curriculum reinforce structural racism and other forms of domination. Check our Linktree out here!






There are three different strands of decolonising the University of Leicester. These include:


1. Divestment 

Divestment involves looking at University ties with and investments in certain companies, trusts and institutions which are complicit in the climate crisis or oppression in our wider community and the global south. 


2. Democratisation

Democratisation involves working to make the university as accessible, free of oppression, and accountable as it can be. This involves making university decision making and leadership more transparent and accountable to students and staff. 


3. Curriculum

Work on the Curriculum entails far more than adding Black authors to a reading list, or adding modules about Africa and Asia to our syllabus. Confronting our curriculum and the way we learn may be reinforcing structural racism (and other modes of domination) and how there is a lack of much needed critical thought in our systems of education. The work in this strand will involve campaigning for learning spaces which seek to challenge, critique and compliment the mainstream white, eurocentric ways of thinking & learning. 

Podcasts and Videos

We've started producing informative content focused around the topic of decolonisation. These videos and podcasts will feature a variety of guest speakers, including students, activists and of course the 2020/21 Officer team.


Episode 1 - Building a New World Podcast


This podcast is a discussion with Fope Olaleye (writer, activist and former NUS Black Students' Officer), Larissa Kennedy (NUS President), Taiwo Ogunyinka from the Free Black University (FBU) and your 2020/21 Liberation Officer, Tony Magaia. This episode focuses on how we can build a world free of structural oppression and violence, one where violence against Black communities is not normalised and where education is an empowering & liberating experience. We hope you enjoy the episode.




Why Is My Curriculum White?


Why Is My Curriculum White is a strand of the #LeicsDecolonise campaign. Take a look at the campaign and view our new Fact Guide here.


If you have any questions about the campaign, please email Nic your Liberation Officer.

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