Student Group Elections


Have you got what it takes to lead your student group?

All 250+ of our student groups are lead by a dedicated team of student volunteers that form the Committee. The work of Committee members is crucial to the running of the group and creation of a positive student experience for members. By being on Committee you will also gain great skills and experiences to make you stand out in your time at Leicester and beyond!  


Student Group Elections 2020/2021 Timeline:

Monday 10/02/2020 (Midday) Committee Position Changes and Election Coordinator submission deadline

Monday 24/02/2020 (Midday) – Nominations Open

Friday 13/03/2020 (Midday) – Nominations Close

Monday 16/03/2020 (Midday) – Voting Opens

Tuesday 24/03/2020 (Midday) – Voting Closes

Tuesday 25/03/2020 - Results counted and sent to Election Coordinators

Friday 27/03/2020 – Union Activities contacts every new Committee Member


If you are experiencing difficulties nominating yourself please email with the position you want to run for and your manifesto (if you have one) by Friday 13 March 2020 (Midday). Any candidacies recieved after this time cannot be added in time for voting.


Check out the handbook here


What do you need to do to nominate yourself?

Well, that's simple....

  1. Be passionate about your student group!
  2. Hold full student membership of your group
  3. Be a student of the University of Leicester in the 2019/2020 academic year
  4. Log into the SU website and use the nomination form below to submit your nomination, manifesto and photo!
  5. Don't miss the deadline! Nominations close Wednesday 8 January 2020 (Midday)!

Don't forget... yes, you can vote for yourself! 

Student Group January By-Elections 19.20 2

17 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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Having trouble nominating? Please email  with a screenshot of the error so we can help!