Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society

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We’re the alternative to faith groups: restoring the balance of views, and challenging the over-inflated voice of religion. We support a separate church and state, and human and animal rights before religious rights.


We’re here for all atheists, humanists, anyone looking to leave religion, and anyone interested in the views of this side of the debate. We support the non-religious in expressing their views, through challenging religion and superstition.


Join us and get involved with Reason Week, ‘Non-Prophet’ Week, Rant Nights, talks, and socials. Campaign on humanist and secular issues; debate other societies; and take part in joint events with other AHS groups across the country.


As a member, you’ll have free access to our library, 50% discount on British Humanist Association membership, and more!


We’re open to everyone.


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Membership: £3


Alumni & Staff: £5




President: Mikolaj Torz
Secretary: Adam Gray
Treasurer: Rafferty Lindon​


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