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What would you change about your course?


Your Academic Reps are here to help you make that change. They represent you to your School, College and the University, making sure that your views are heard. Academic Representation provides a direct way for you to give feedback on your University and Academic experience, and gives students the platform to develop their course for the better.




What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps are elected students who represent you in meetings with University staff. They collect feedback from the students they represent, take this to meetings, and work with staff to make change.


Course Reps

Represent you at a programme level by attending Student-Staff Committees. They collect feedback on all elements of their course, including assessments, module content, and learning resources. They talk directly to lecturers, Professional Services staff, the library, and other academic services.

School Reps

Previously called a Department Rep, they represent you at a School level by attending School Education Committees. They collect feedback based on the topics discussed in these meetings, providing a student viewpoint on wider topics like course and module creation.


College Reps

Recruited to represent the views of their college to the higher University. College Reps are the lead representative within their college and are responsible for communicating between Reps within their College, in particular School Reps, the Education Officer and relevant committees/staff and students. 

PGR Reps

They work to improve the experience of PGRs (Post-Graduate Researchers). Areas of focus have included expanding opportunities to share research, space to develop social links amongst peers and work to improve access to office/research space.


Find Your Reps

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Want to be an Academic Rep?

Champion the voice of students across the University, while developing leadership and communication skills.


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