Stepping up, taking part and having fun

Now you're at the University of Leicester a whole new world of participation has opened up to you. Whether you want to get involved in activities, societies, sports, volunteering and fundraising or environment sustainability. We can help you represent your passion.



Student Groups

We boast a massive array of student groups and societies across a diverse range of interests and topics. If your passion isn't represented, then you can apply to set up a brand new student group.


A number of initiatives and groups across the University allow students to indulge in their sporting passion - whether it's competitive via Team Leicester, or just for fun and keeping it fit.


Being part of something to help an individual or group for free is hugely rewarding. Volunteering with us will enable you to grow and obtain a greater understanding of the intricacies of the Students Union and local community.

Online training

Develop your skills and knowledge with access to free, online, accredited training by Educare.