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We are an empowering, innovative and inclusive student-led Union championing your interests and providing a community that is home away from home.


University life is a truly unique experience, full of great people and amazing activities. That’s why we’re dedicated to making sure every one of the University of Leicester's 20,000 students we represent embarks on a journey that is nothing short of exceptional.

Although we regularly collaborate with the University, we are a fully independent organisation made up of student elected representatives that work totally and completely for you.

So whether it’s signing up to one of our 250+ student groups or boosting your CV through part-time work, training or volunteering; you can count on us for the support you need to adjust, advance and achieve during your studies.

Pop along to the Union office on the first floor. For our opening hours and details on how to get in touch with us visit our Contact Page


Our Mission

To represent and empower students in achieving their full potential.

Our Vision

By 2026, students will see us as an empowering, outstanding union that effectively represents their interests.

Our Values

Our aspirations are about enhancing students’ lives. Our work to achieve these aspirations is underpinned by our values:

·         We are led by students. We believe students make the best decisions about what impacts them.

·         We remove barriers. The full diversity of students should be supported by everything we do. 

·         We are proudly radical. We are bold, innovative and challenge the status quo.

Our Key Priorities 

1. Students Leading Education

Our Role: 

We make sure every student feels engaged with their education, is connected to a learning community and is supported to fulfil their academic potential. We will enable students to think critically about their education and shape discussions about how it could be improved. 

Our Goal: 

We’ll build a coherent voice for students’ academic interests, by being the critical friend of the University and improving members’ education.

·         65% of students will agree the Union effectively represents their academic interests

Priority 1 – Transforming Students’ Education 

·         By 2026:

o   We will produce an annual impact report across the lifecycle of this plan, demonstrating how the learner voice has been enhanced by the work of student representatives 

o   We will develop student-led visions for the future of education within each school, to shape the learning of future generations of students.


Priority 2 – An Inclusive Curriculum. 

·         By 2026:

o   We will build a case for a liberated curriculum, reflecting on the diversity of programmes and the best environment in which diverse students can learn.

o   We will undertake a member-led review of assessment methodology, so students can shape the reformation of assessment practices so they fully support student success

Priority 3 – A Learning Community For All

·         By 2026:

o   We will develop student-led annual program review program schemes for academic programmes, to influence future student written submissions to the Teaching Excellence Framework.

o   We will create capacity to develop educational support provided by the Union to the postgraduate research community

2. Vibrant Student Communities

Our Role: 

We’re invested in creating an environment where student-led activities thrive. We’ll help make the wider student experience at Leicester outstanding by giving students power and opportunity to shape their own communities.

Our Goal:

We will widen the breadth of engagement with students in the extracurricular experience at Leicester

·         62% of students will have been a member of two or more groups across in their time at Leicester


Priority 1 – Championing International Student Engagement

·         By 2026:

o   We will enhance tailored support for and funding to assist national and cultural societies in broadening their reach and their ability to host regular showcase events

o   We will develop an international students strategy which builds strong networks and support to keep up with University recruitment growth


Priority 2 – Activities That Meet Students’ Interests

·         By 2026:

o   We will develop an online activity-matching tool, to tailor make programmes relevant to each student.

o   We will develop a tiered student group development programme and committee mentoring scheme, to assist with leadership continuity across years


Priority 3 – Making A Powerful Local Impact

·         By 2026:

o   We will establish a free micro-volunteering programme to enable students who want to actively contribute to their local community with the limited time they have

o   Develop community organising capacity, to ensure students have opportunities to harness their skills and work with local partners to solve problems faced by all Leicester citizens

3. A Fairer Student Life

Our Role: 

We want students to be able to enjoy their time at Leicester; not have their time marred by injustice. We will work tirelessly to reduce the cost of the Leicester experience, ensure students live in affordable housing and we will fight to remove the barriers faced by our members  

Our Goal: 

To build an ongoing conversation amongst members about their student lives and drive continuous improvement in their personal wellbeing

·         Leicester students’ mean score on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale will be 52, tracking favourably to the 16-24 year old mean score. 

Priority 1 – Leading The Fight Against Sexual Violence

·         By 2026

o   We will hold termly meetings with stakeholders from local authorities to influence steps needed to enhance student safety in the local night-time economy

o   We will secure dedicated funding to enhance the range of support options available to survivors of sexual violence


Priority 2 – A Champion For Students’ Rights

·         By 2026

o   We will develop the Advice Service to improve awareness of students' rights with regard to OfS, CMA, employment law and tenancy frameworks

o   We will develop a comprehensive, student-led review of complaints and disciplinary processes on campus


Priority 3 – A Financially Accessible Student Experience

·         By 2026

o   We will produce a school-by-school cost of living guide for students, in order to target support where it’s most needed 

o   We will establish a tool for the sector to benchmark the cost of University-owned accommodation, in order to establish a fair set of metrics for any changes to rent   

Our Supporting Enablers


Supporting Enabler 1 – People

Our staff are our key to our success in achieving the targets of this ambitious strategic plan, as well as reflecting the values embodied throughout our work. We aim to be an employer of choice by developing forward thinking people policies and creating an organisation staff want to join and stay part of.


Our Goal

·         By 2026:

o   We will have an employee net promoter score of 25


Supporting Enabler 2 – Finances

We will create a sustainable funding model over the lifecycle of this strategy, supported by a block grant that compares favourably with the University’s benchmark funding for their Unions. We cannot be reliant on the University alone for our financial health and must ensure the percentage of generated income grows in line with growth to our block grant. 

Our Goal

·         By 2026:

o   We will secure a block grant of £85 per student, topped up by 15% of independent income


Supporting Enabler 3 – Communications

In order to communicate and engage effectively, we will utilise our newly developed segmentation model to tailor messages based on the needs of our students. Essential to our effective communication is the need for our organisation to communicate the extent of our work and its benefit to students.

Our Goal:

·         By 2026:

o   85% of students will say the Students’ Union communicates well with them

University of Leicester Students' Union is a charity with registered charity number 1137811 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England with company registration number 7303101


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The University of Leicester Students' Union is a registered charity no. 1137811 and a company limited by guarantee registered in England no. 7303101