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This page should help you navigate through some of our most commonly asked questions, and should give you a helping hand moving forward. If there are any other questions you have, please feel free to email us: unionactivities@le.ac.uk


Q: How do we add a new committee member to our currently existing society?

A: All committee members are elected into their positions, usually in the large Student Group Elections that take place in March of the current academic year. Therefore, to add another committee member the process may vary depending on what time of the year we are in. If it is early into the academic year, we may suggest helping your student group run a by-election to elect the new committee member. If it is closer to the annual Student Group Elections, we may suggest that you wait and add this position into this election. In any case, we would encourage you to email unionactivities@leicester.ac.uk  so that we can best advise you!

Q: Can I hold more than one position on committee of a society?

A: You are able to hold committee positions in a variety of different societies! However, in a single society, you are not allowed to hold more than one core committee position (President, Treasurer and Wellbeing). 

Q: How do I start a new society?

A: The process for starting a new student group is really easy and is a great way to make the most of your time at University! The process includes filling in the New Student Group application form. You can access the link here: New Student Group Application 

Q: How do I book a room for my society?

A: The process for booking a room is relatively straightforward. We simply ask you to fill out the form to notify us of the event you are hosting. You can find more information here: Room Bookings 

Q: How do I adopt a society?

A: Adopting a society has never been simpler! Take a look at all the societies we have to offer under the 'adopt' category and send us an email if you see anything you like! You can see all of our 'Adopt a Society' groups here: Adopt

Q: What documents does my Student Group need to submit to be affiliated?

A: All student groups must hand in their Constitution and Master Risk Assesment to be affiliated with the Students Union. These can be found here - Student Group Handover and Re-Affiliation.

Q: How can I book the SUMUP Card Reader?

A: The SUMUP Card Reader is rented to student groups and should be booked through the Event Notification Form. We recommend doing this early. 


Q: How can my student group apply for grant funding?

A: Any student group can apply for grant funding and is a simple process that requires an application to be filled out. All student groups must read through the guidelines carefully before submitting an application. Please note that the grant funding applications for the academic year 2023/24 are not yet open. 

Student Support:

Q: Where can I seek help for issues like housing, finance and my wellbeing?

A: It is important that students can find the relevant support they need, and as such, we have a wonderful advice service! Should you need any help, please reach out to the advice team. You can get an idea of the things they can help you with here - Advice.

Q: Where can I access out of hours student support?

A: Student support is really important to us and we want to make signposting the available resources easier for you! If you need any help with issues that don't concern opportunities and activities, all resources can be found here - Student Support Out of Hours.



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