Voice Opportunities

On this page, you will find links to all the opportunities we have available in SU Voice and how to get in touch with your representatives. Click on the relevant link to find out more or email su-voice@leicester.ac.uk to discuss them more.

NUS Delegate Elections

Each year the National Union for Students (NUS) runs a National Conference, where Students' Unions across the UK meet to discuss and tackle national issues. Each Students' Union sends a specific number of delegates that are elected in a cross-campus ballot. All students can put themselves forward in these elections, and no experience is required.

Nominations for the NUS Delegate Elections open in Autumn 2024. More details about the dates can be found closer to the time at: https://www.leicesterunion.com/voice/democracy/elections/

Delegates vote on which policies the NUS should endorse, meet other delegates from Students' Unions across the UK, and they discover what other unions are doing to tackle national issues. Being a delegate is a great opportunity for students with an interest in campaigning, UK politics, and liberation.


Academic Reps

Each course and school has representatives that help to amplify the student voice to make sure you are getting the support, material, and education you want and deserve. Click here to find out more about the Academic Representative system. If you have any queries in the meantime, email us at coursereps@leicester.ac.uk.


Executive and Part-time Officers (PTOs)

Each year, we elect Executive Officers and PTOs to represent students by running campaigns relevant to students. This could be to make extenuating circumstances easier, improving services like the library, running events, creating new training for staff on how to better support their students, or even running campaigns nationally with other officers across the SU. Being an elected officer is the perfect experience for students who want to advocate for their communities, and expand their project management skills. Nominations for the Postgraduate Officer and Ethnic Equity Officer open in the Autumn term at www.leicesterunion.com/elections. If you have any queries regarding the elections, email us at su-elections@leicester.ac.uk.

To find out and/or get in touch with your Officers, click here. if you are interested in becoming a Executive or Part Time Officer, nominations will open in Autumn 2024. To find out more information, click here.


Network Reps - Sign up Now!

Part of Student Council comprises of our 7 networks which are chaired by PTOs (above). However, they can't do it all! All students who identify with the networks can come along but they also have their own reps. They work with the PTOs to run events and campaigns that positively impact the experiences of those students.

To find out more about the work of the Networks click here or if you would like to volunteer to be a rep or sign-up for Network updates, fill in our short form here.


Scrutiny Committee

The Students' Union has a lot of representatives and this Scrutiny Committee aims to keep elected officers accountable. The Scrutiny Committee regularly checks in on Part-Time and Full-Time Officers to find out what work they are doing and how they are advocating for students at Leicester. This opportunity is suited to students who are critical thinkers, highly organised, and work well in a team. To nominate yourself as a Scrutiny Committee member, the next election period will be in Autumn 2024.

If you have any queries regarding the Scrutiny Committee elections then email us at  su-elections@leicester.ac.uk.


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