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LUSUMA Information

Leicester University Students' Union Medical Association (LUSUMA) is an association that is responsible for looking after medical students.


Being one of only six registered Associations (as opposed to student groups) with the Students' Union gives us more freedom to look after our members and support the smaller medic clubs and societies.


We take care of several aspects of life at the medical school that may affect a medic. This includes organising the medics INTROWEEK for the arrival of Freshers, looking after several academic sub-societies, being involved in the welfare of medics, planning various medic socials, including the Winter and Summer Balls.


Membership to LUSUMA is life long, with members enjoying discounts to socials, access to revision materials and sessions, making it quite beneficial to every medic.


President: Will Clay



Membership types

- £60 for lifetime membership + INTROWEEK 2016

- £35 for INTROWEEK Membership only (18th - 23rd September 2016)


Membership Cards

We require photo ID to print your membership cards.  


Please upload a photo to your leicesterunion account, or send the following information to

1. Full name

2. Passport size photo (saved as a jpeg file) PS. You can smile though!


Those who purchase LUSUMA membership before September 9th 2016 will recieve your LUSUMA card ready for INTROWEEK.


Medic Sports passes (allows access to all medic sports societies) - £20


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Introweek 2016

*Introweek membership is included with LUSUMA membership and can also be bought separately. This access to all events described below, transport from Oadby halls to all events based in the centre of Leicester, and free bowling on Wednesday.*


One of the highlights of the first  year for medics, Introweek marks the first 5 days of being a medical student at UoL. This is the memorable experience that will be spoken about for the next 5 years to come. Don't miss out on some legendary events that bring back even the oldest of alumni.


The daytime will be occupied by numerous lectures from the medical school introducing life as a student, however it is the evenings and nights that truly shine. Be sure to get your ticket to attend this unmissable week.



Sunday 18th: Meet and Greet

Welcome to Leicester and congratulations on getting into Medicine. Make your way to Beaumont Hall and meet this years  committee and say hello to the other new students from all corners of the world. Get a glimpse of the sports teams and societies we have to offer. You are bound to learn something new! For your first evening we will make haste to a student favourite, the Loaded Dog where you'll chat away late into the night in preparation for the incredible week to come! 

Monday 19th: Meet the Parents

Medical students are widely regarded as a very close-knit group. We have a family system that groups 3-5 of the 1st years with parents who are 2nd years. This night is a great way to discover what its truly like to be a student and meet the guys and girls you'll be spending the next 5 years together. Let your medic parents show you the meaning of "work hard, play hard".


Tuesday 20th: PJ Pub Crawl/Grub Crawl

This is the night that brings back all medical students new and old. The Pub Crawl will have you exploring some of the best bars and pubs around Leicester, while our Grub Crawl will navigate all the wonders of worldly cuisine offered by the city. All the while surrounded by the creative genius and utter randomness of both older students and alumni. 


Wednesday 21st: Bowling

After a hectic three nights, this evening is slightly more laid back. Relive childhood as you replace your beverages with slush puppies, chat with your new friends, and knock some pins. If you're raring to continue late into the night, LETSDISKO at the O2 academy will happily accommodate you with the cheesiest tunes Leicester has to offer.


Thursday 22nd: Sports Night

Whether you're Britain's next olympic athlete or someone whose never touched a ball in their life, Sports Night is a great place to meet the teams and see all the sports we have to offer. You'll witness timeless traditions, countless games, and a surprise or two. Our Alumni makes yet another return to meet the new blood of medics sports, as well as compete in the doctors games dotted throughout the year.


Friday 23rd: Introweek Formal

To conclude the week, it's time to suit up and dine on an exquisite 3 course meal courtesy of the university. There will undoubtedly be some hilarious stories gathered throughout the week which will mark the start of many friendships to come. The finale will involve your first night of (probably) many nights at the one and only Shabang!, where you'll dance the night away to the latest hits in the hands of Leicester's finest DJs!



All this is included with your lifetime LUSUMA membership and can also be bought separately, so don't miss out on this once in a lifetime experience and join today! We can't wait to see you all in September.



Meet the Committee
Membership benefits

Being a member of LUSUMA brings over 15 exclusive perks, including:

-Discounted tickets to both summer and winter balls

-Access to LUSUMA revision materials and sessions

-Food discounts at several local establishments


Full list: