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The 'Hungry for Change' project aims to change the way students think about what they’re eating and why. We are interested in issues such as seasonality, local food, organic and growing your own.



The point of our project is to educate and empower students to make their own informed food choices instead of relying on product labelling and presumed company ethics. With ethical and sustainable motivations, the project applies a practical approach to learning in a subject which we can all relate to and care about.

We're not just a growing project!

You might be interested in gaining valuable employability skills by getting involved in the organisation of the project in areas such as…

  • Events management
  • Setting up your own social enterprise
  • Working with schools
  • Admin support
  • Website management
  • Social media support

We work with the University of Leicester to increase the teaching in Education for Sustainable Development and aim to integrate our project into academic teaching wherever possible.

We also reach out and work with our local community to share ideas and spread our message.