• Over the winter house plants will need less frequent watering as the days get shorter. Also cacti should be kept moist as they need very little water and no feed at this time of year.
  • Keep poinsettias in warm places, away from any drafts to allow them to thrive for as much of the winter as possible.
  • December is the ideal time to sow alpine seed as the cold weather is needed to break the dormancy of the seed.


  • January is one of the coldest months of the year so the biggest tip is protecting your plants! Adjust tree ties and stakes as well as fleecing your plants for protection from the frost.
  • Check for signs of disease or pests on your flowers. Sweet peas can be infested with aphids at this time of year so it is important to keep them away!
  • Autumn sown sweet peas can be potted up and kept on a sunny shelf in a greenhouse. Sweet peas can also be sown in January.


  • Pruning trees is a job for this month. Focus on crossing stems and dead or dying branches!
  • Ornamental vines and ivy can be cut back at this time of year to keep them away from windowsills and doorways.
  • Make sure the greenhouse is at the right temperature (by using a maximum-minimum thermometer) and that the greenhouse insulation is still in place.