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President 2015/16 - Julia Maroh

Julia comes from Austria and was an  English student. She was the President of Hungry for Change in 2015/16, and responsible for the  general coordination and running of the group. She was also a member of the Student Sustainability Workshop (with Pratima, Vice President) to regularly represent our society's goals within the Students Union. She was part of the society for over a year, and was initially the Marketing Coordinator. Julia said "Hungry for Change has real value as a tool to involve students in healthy, sustainable living. On top of that it is also great fun!"

Vice President/Secretary & Plot Leader 2015/16 - Pratima Rai

Pratima joined Hungry for Change in her second year as a volunteer which she thoroughly enjoyed. Her role as Vice President involved assisting the President making sure the group was run smoothly and to provide any assistance to others too. She led weekly gardening sessions at the Brookfield plot and kept up to date membership email lists.

Treasurer 2015/16 - George Farrington

George, a Geography student was the group Treasurer for Hungry for Change during 2015/16. As Treasurer he made sure all our activities are financially feasible regarding the budget, as well as attempting to attract further funding from the Student Union and the private sector.

Volunteer Coordinator 2015/16  - Yvette Black

Yvette studied Geography and was responsible for the uploading content to the society’s Instagram page and also be the first point of contact for volunteers in my role as Volunteer Co-ordinator. A regular attender at the Brookfield plot too!

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator 2015/16      - Sophie Ng

Sophie, a Geography student was responsible for marketing for Hungry for Change, where the primarily task was promoting the image of the society. Tasks included writing a blog, updating on a monthly basis as a recap of all the exciting events and gardening done in the previous month!  

The Hub Balcony Garden Manager 2015/16  - Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy was the Garden Manager for The Hub Balcony, which is located outside of The Hub in membership services at The Student Union. He was a Geology student, and took up the project because of his enjoyment of the idea of maintaining a self-sufficient lifestyle, as opposed to depending on supermarkets. Jimmy believed in a future where we need to return to growing food locally, and in the urban environment will be one of the changes required for future societies to be sustainable.
Website Coordinator 2015/16 - Heather Davies

Heather Davies, a Biological Sciences student, held the role of Website Coordinator for the Hungry For Change Society. The role involved updating and designing new web pages for the website on the Student Union page. Her favourite part of being part of this society is visiting the Brookfield Plot and being able to see first-hand the progress made.

Website Coordinator 2015/16            - Michael Fuoco

Michael Fuoco who studied  Biological Sciences was a Website Coordinator for Hungry for Change, where he was involved with designing the Hungry for Change web pages. Michael started volunteering at the Brookfield Plot in February 2015 and was involved heavily until his degree came to an end in June 2016.


Volunteer Coordinator/Project Assistant & Summer Grower 2015/17 Jodie Lampert

Jodie has a keen interest in eating and growing only natural foods, both for her health as well as the health of the environment. This encouraged Jodie to join Hungry for Change, allowing her to grow her own food and help to spread the word about organic food production.

Project Assistant 2015 Ramkumar Paramanathan

Ramkumar was formerly Vice President of Youth NGO. He became a project assistant with Hungry for Change as he was keen to demonstrate how sustainable food, would not only reduce the impact on the environment but how it can enable us to be healthy and happy.


Project Manager 2014-2016 - Jo Perkins

Jo managed the Hungry for Change project from December 2014 to July 2016. Her role was to complete the Student Green Fund grant funded project which initially started up the project back in October 2013. Jo was able to develop the various growing spaces across the university and involve more students in the running and development of the project.

Plot Leader 2014/15 Jack Castledine

Jack joined the project to meet more people and have more time out in the fresh air and was pleased to find, through Hungry for Change and his newly-acquired uni cooking skills, that there are very few meat dishes that can’t be reworked into a veggie version!

Web Communications Coordinator 2014/15 Rhiannon Wilson

Rhiannon began volunteering with the project by going to the plot days as part of her Leicester Award in volunteering and became interested in promoting a more sustainable lifestyle in an affordable way.

Project Volunteer Coordinator 2014/15 - Olivia Hockney

Olivia joined the project as part of the Leicester Award for volunteering; she was especially concerned with the environmental implications of our eating habits and for her dissertation she researched the efficacy of organic food growing methods.

Project Assistant and Co-Founder 2013-2015 Marie Smith

Marie volunteered with the project since its inception and soon joined Charlotte Naggy Baker as Project Assistant, focusing on the project's outreach and community engagement goals. Marie has been interested in practical gardening since childhood, and being able to share this passion at university was a dream come true.

Project Manager & Founder 2013-2015 Charlotte Naggy Baker