Hannah Belcher    About me. Hey, I'm Hannah and I'm your Sports Officer for 2020/21. Course: Geography BA and Secondary PGCE. Hometown: Hornchurch, Essex.   How do you think your friends and family would describe you? Extremely passionate and driven. If I want something, then I make sure I go get it!   What inspired you to become an Executive Officer? I have worked closely with the two previous sports officers. I really enjoyed being able to lead my own campaigns through my role on sports council and wanted to continue this further.


What can you offer students in your role? I have experienced being a member of a Team Leicester club as both an undergraduate and a postgraduate. I have held committee positions as Treasurer and Club Captain and I have been a member of sports council.        What is the most important change you want to make this year? I want to make my actions as Sports Officer more transparent to the student body. They elected me into the role to represent them and so I will ensure I consult students in important decisions to make sure their voice is heard.      Hobbies & interests. I am a Cheerleader so I train 3-4 times a week in the evening. I love reading rom-coms. I would listen to anything from the ABBA Gold Album. I also love daytime TV, so Tenable, Tipping Point and the Chase. I like to test my knowledge and learn something new!



Monthly Updates

Find out what your Sports Officer has been doing to support you over the previous and upcoming month.


Updates (April 16)


In the last month I have been working on:

• Organised a Virtual Varsity in collaboration with DMU Sport which took plance 5-7th APril. This included putting Team Leicester Clubs in contact with their DMU counterparts to arrange a challenge and hosting a Virtual Varsity LETSDISKO Livestream and Charity quiz. Throughout the week £785 was raised for Jasmine House.

• Chaired Sports Ops Meeting with representatives from SAAL and SU.

• Promoted the free gym memberships for all students for remainder of term via social media.

• Attended a meeting to outline the next steps regarding the 'Cost of Sport' campaign to analyse student focus group feedback and what chnges need to be implementing for September.


In the next month I will be focusing on:

• The srtting up of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

• Attending training sessions, matches and tournaments held by sports clubs as they resume - to show support.

• Support the newly elected Sports Officer in preparation for handover.

Updates (February)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Secured £15,000 for lockdown exercise packs from the University,sourced the items in conjunction with the University, and delivered 500 packs to students.

• Liased with the Student's Union Activities Team and Sports and Active Life regarding award events, refining categories to ensure that are appropriate bearing in mind the changes tht have been faced with Covid.

• Hosted a Rag charity night at LetsDisko which included Bingo and auction of LetsDisko tops that raised over £600 for charity.

• Sat on a Wellbeing webinar hosted by University Wellbeing department with Lewis Jones and Chris Cooke - that focused on how sport and physical activity can positively contribute to your wellbeing.

• In conjuction with Tony arranged a Stonewall Student Support Workshop that focussed on how sports clubs can become more inclusive.

• Hosted the Careers in Sports Panel event - to showcase the different sectors within sports industries to students, there were also plenty of opportunities for networking and 44 students attended.

• Prepared the questions for the Sports Officer Question and Answer Election Session.

• Announced the next Sports Officer at Elections Results Night.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Preparing for the upcoming Scrutiny Panel Review.

• Digesting the updated guidance with regard to re-opening of sports facilities and working with the University on what provisions for Sport will be possible/appropriate from April onwards.

•Be attending Capital Estates and Board meeting.

• Attending Trustee Board that is taking plance next week.

• Will be providing updates on my activites to Student Council updates on Tuesday

Updates (January 11 - January 29)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Communicating to students that BUCS has been cancelled.

• Gym Refunds - students are going to be refunded the amount of time that the Gym has been closed for.

• Team Leicester Memberships - full refrund for cost of the Club and the Team Leicester Silver or Gold memberships.

• Continued to work on Lockdown Exercise Packs - awaiting confirmation of funding for the packs.

• Meetings with regard to Team Leicester Elections - including introducing digital free memberships to enable participation in the elections.

• Held a meeting with DMU and Sports and Active Life to confirm that Varsity has been cancelled. Option will be revisited for the Summer Term, will be asking student feedback on potential rescheduling of events.

• Developing plans for RAG week, leading on changing one of the virtual LetsDisko Sessions into a virtual bingo fundraiser.

• Early conversations about Sports Awards and Student Group Awards and how to adapt them for this year.

•Supporting other officers with the ongoing lobbying and campaigning with regards to Accommodation refunds, Tuition Fee refunds and Safety Net Policies.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• preparing for the Careers in Sports Event which will take place at the end of February - including getting questions and guests for the panel.

• Continue work to get ready for RAG Week that is taking place in March/April.

•Promote and support elections including ensuring that a suitable handover process is in place for the new incoming Team.

• Continued work on developing Sports Awards and Student Group Awards.

Updates (December 1 - December 18)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Met with Wellbeing Officer and Sports and Active Life and Sports Council Representative to develop plans on how we are going to adapt the Locker Room Project to relaunch it in January.

• Met with Sports and Active Life and Activities to begin planning for Student Group Elections.

• Held first fortnightly catch-up with the new Sports Activities Coordinator where we began planning the Career in Sports Panel that will take place within Careers Week on Thursday 25 February.

• Working with Volunteering Coordinator to redevelop the fundraising section of the Students’ Union Website to showcase the charity/fundraising work of student groups.

• Attended Society Council to approve new society and grant funding application

• Movember Challenge in total raised over £5900, with Men’s Football winning the largest contribution.

• Coordination of the distribution of personal alarms and reflective clothing.

• Held Sports Quiz on Wednesday 2 December – sold 87 ticket at £2 each, with all proceeds going to Victims First.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Preparing a proposal to present to the University on the implementation of the Lockdown Exercise Packs so that students are able to exercise in-doors.

• Beginning to prepare plans for New Year projects including initial thoughts on potential options with regards to Varsity.

• Continuing to work with the University to feedback on sports clubs and teams experiences.

Updates (November 16 - November 30)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Successfully recruited a new Sports Coordinator with the staff member coming into post this week.

• Met with Lockdown Exit Group to discuss and agree the details of the activities that student groups could still run during the second lockdown.

• Attended the Finance and Audit Sub-committee

• Presented an update on my key projects to Student Council and chaired a breakout room which facilitated students talking about their experience of University so far.

• Hosted a Student Forum on Instagram with over 300 students viewing the recording of the event.

• Preparation for Scrutiny Panel

• Working on the Cost of Sport Campaign, setting up a follow up event where students will be able to provide their feedback on the draft proposals.

• Attended first Societies Council.

• Presented a paper to the University to set up processes through which the University will be able to react quickly to enable activities and sports to begin operating when Government guidance changes.

• Wrote a ‘day in the life of an officer’ blog that will be utilised as part of the Executive Election Campaign.

• Developing the Sports Strategy in order that it takes account of the current Covid Pandemic.

• Following feedback from students been running a Safely Exercising Campaign which has include providing reflective clothing, personal alarms and top tips.

• Over £4000 has now been raised as part of the Movember Campaign, the winners will be announced on Monday 30 November.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Working with the University to ensure that Team Leicester Clubs are able to re-commence their activities (in-line with Covid Guidance) in January, ensuring that they receive clear and timely communications.

• Starting to plan and organise Refreshers Fair

• Helping with the organisation of a Team Leicester Quiz that is taking place on Wednesday 2nd December – all of the Sports Clubs coming together to run the event, with all proceeds going to RAG.

• Sports Awards Refunds will be processed in the coming Week

• Working with the University on the development of an Exercise at Home Pack that would be ready to order from next Semester that would sit alongside the other Support Packs that the University currently offers to students

Updates (November 2 - November 16)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

•Before the latest Lockdown been working hard to re-introduce indoor sport, this is now back on hold.

•Having an initial planning meeting with the Careers Service with regard to the organisation of a Sports Careers Fair.

•Recruitment including shortlisting and sitting on the Interview Panel for the Activities sports Coordinator role.

•Met with Head of Schools and Colleges with regard to reviewing how Ignite and Student experience is going.

•Sat on Student Group Funding Panel.

•Coordinating communications to students regarding upcoming lockdown about what they can and can’t do.

•Working with Sports and Active Life on what engagement plan they are going to have over lockdown such as online gym programmes, classes, activities.

•Gave out Rainbow Laces and Captain Armbands – gave out to Team Leicester Clubs – they got snapped up in under an hour, encouraged them to post on social media with them.

•Intramural Football tournament took place last weekend.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

•Team Leicester Movemeber Campaign, each group doing their own challenges, £300 equipment for group who raises the most, individual £50 prize (Uber Eats vouchers), for individual who submits best selfie.

•Attending the Union’s Finance and Audit Committee that is taking place next week.

•Preparing for Scrutiny Panel that will be taking place in the next couple of weeks.

•Continue to help and support students and groups, and answering student queries including Gym Membership Refunds.

•Helping clubs getting innovative on keeping members engaged.

Updates (October 19 - November 2)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Organising the Give it a go Timetable, working with clubs to ensure they are Covid Compliant.

• Attended several Give it a Go sessions including Men’s Football Trials, Cheer, Golf, Running and Athletic, Archery and Ultimate Frisbee.

• Helped to support sports clubs to be able to operate effectively within the current environment this has included:

- Covering 50% of the cost of the Ski and Snowboard Clubs give it a go session.

- Providing the funding for Backstroke Flags and for Swimming Clubs.

- Successfully securing an additional storage locker for Archery Club in Charles Wilson Sports Hall.

• Hosting Q&A session for clubs throughout the Sports Fair.

• Ensuring groups and committee members are aware of the guidance, including helping clubs secure additional training sessions.

• Advertised and successfully recruited for Sports Council, which held its first meeting this week.

• Attended and delivered an introductory workshop at the Team Leicester Training Session Chaired the first two Sports Operation Board.

• Sat on the Interview Panel for the recruitment of Student Creative student staff.

• Helped to put together the jobs description for the new Sports Coordinator role.

• Together with the rest of the Executive Team have finalised the collaborative manifesto, which has been presented to Trustee Board and Senior Leadership Team of the University

• Attended Leicester Citizens of Change Meeting.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Having an initial planning meeting with the Careers Service with regard to the organisation of a Sports Careers Fair

• Beginning work on lobbying to bring back Leicester Academy.

• Putting together proposals for the introduction of a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

• Working with the University Lockdown Exit Group – to get a paper approved on how sports clubs will be able to operate under the new rules.


Find out about Hannah's manifesto wins, and what they mean for you:


Gym Refunds


Since beginning my role as Sports Officer on the 1st of July, one of the biggest issues I have had to deal with in terms of number of complaints is the blanket 25% refund for gym memberships.

This was as a result of the closure of both our sports centres due to COVID-19. I took this feedback to Senior Management at the University and demanded that they reconsider their offer once we knew how long our centres had been shut for.

I am pleased to announce the following changes: Annual Gold/Silver membership: They will refund the time lost from closure to 31st August 2020 (5.5 months), rather than 25% of the fee if purchased within the first 3 months of the academic year.

Students had paid for a service which they did not receive, so I am glad that they will finally be receiving the rightful amount of money back. Sport and Active Life will be updating their website shortly to reflect this change."



Find out about Hannah's termly priorities. 


Term 1


Priority 1 - The delay/responsiveness from the uni to guidance and exemptions around sport

Ways to address:

• Lobby University to be more proactive in using Chairs Action in the LEG/COG.


Priority 2 - More complications regarding gym membership costs: indoor sport clubs need to refund all their members seeing as they haven’t been able to run sessions so far? Is ‘online conditioning’ same value for money when you’re not playing your actual sport and using our facilities? Gym refunds are fairly straight forward in that they will be refunded amount of time closed. Club memberships are trickier.

Ways to address:

• Uniformity in cases (no refunds)

• Allow clubs to determine how much to refund based on what they have been able to offer

• Refund the whole lot and make it free to join clubs. Will affect income to clubs and SAAL tho but enable a wider participation.


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