An image of Karli Wagener (Wellbeing Officer) Smiling. Wearing a black floral top and a necklace.  About me. Hi, I'm Karli and I'm your Wellbeing Officer for 2020/21. Course:Geography. Hometown: Magdeburg, Germany. How do you think your friends and family would describe you?  I think my friends and family would describe me as compassionate,  organised, open and maybe too chatty.   What inspired you to become an Executive Officer?In the past I’ve experienced myself how Officers can empower students to make their voices heard and give them a platform to do so as well. I want to do the same for other students and make sure your voice will reach the right person with the power to make the changes YOU want to see.   

What can you offer students in your role? Along with delivering my manifesto I can signpost students when needed and raise issues you have with the relevant people. I am here for you and I act as your voice when it comes to wellbeing, so let me know what you would like to see and I will see how I can make it possible! Contact me on:     What is the most important change you want to make this year?In a world where social media is so present in our everyday life it is important to go back to the roots and show our friends how much they mean to us different ways.   I want to run a year long campaign, called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ with workshops on how to support your mates, craft sessions where you can make little presents for your friends.    Hobbies & interests: When I’m not at work you an either find me on the Volleyball court, hanging out with my friends or at home chilling with my kittens Scampi and Nugget.  Book - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Song – Bad Child, Johnny Run Away and Jimmy by Tones and I. Series – How to Get Away with Murder, Brooklyn 99 and Selling Sunset


Fortnightly Updates

Find out what your Wellbeing Officer has been doing to support you over the previous and upcoming two weeks.


Updates (December 1 - December 18)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Successfully lobbied for meeting with the Vice Chancellor (in January) and JSOC to discuss the next steps with regard to renaming De Montfort Hall.

• Held several live events with Residential Advisors and Societies – including with ELSA talking about Student Wellbeing

• Working on finalising the Sexual Health Violence Guide, including amending the Union website to reflect the content of the new guide.

• Preparation of the Male Mental health questionnaire that aims to find out perception of mental health and what help they would like to get.

• In conjunction with Residential Life released the first Destress guide ‘Karli’s Crafty Christmas’

• Recorded a Podcast for Standing Together about Erase the Grey and where you draw the line with Gender Based Violence.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Promoting the and distributing the Male Mental Health Survey.

• Delivering a Careers Event with Elle on how they can help students during the Covid Pandemic

• Continuing to develop plans for Holocaust Memorial Day in conjunction with the University ensuring that feedback from Jewish students is been taken into consideration.

• Starting to plan De-stress, including the preparation of TikToks, Recording of themselves cooking, baking cookies to give students remaining in Leicester

• Starting conversations with LSP with regard to keeping Wednesday night Lets Disko events so that they are able to continue in the coming weeks.

Updates (November 16 - November 30)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Working with the University to write a bid for the Officer For Students Mental Health competition, if successful would see the introduction of an Trauma Centre for students at the University of Leicester.

• Working closely with Accommodation Services on organising joint Wellbeing Activities

• Delivered a workshop on Homesickness

• Promotion of the Game Boxes to the student community.

• Started work on Male Mental health campaign including taking the first photos from male student leaders

• Developing plans for the to get the Male Lockout room up and running with a follow up meeting taking place next week.

• Plan on how to rename DMH – including arranging a meeting with the Vice Chancellor o get their support in setting up meeting with Mayo.

• Attended Holocaust Memorial Day Planning meeting.

• Coordination of the publicity ensuring the distribution of over 500 meals to students in quarantine, donated from the Freemasons.

• Continued work on Period Equality.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Looking forward to getting Locker Room project up and running.

• Meeting with Sexpression to start collaboration on relevant campaigns

• Collaboration with ELSA – go live on Wednesday next week with regard to Mental Health

• Will be contributing to the Standing Together podcast.

• Conducting research for the Body Positivity Campaign that will take place next term.

• Looking forward to finalising a plan for what the Wellbeing Committee will work on this year

• Launching Male Mental Health Campaign – whilst still seeking more Male Student leaders to take part in the campaigning.

Updates (November 2 - November 16)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

•Launched the Stronger Together Campaign - including liaising with University departments such as Medicine who are going to brand their activities under the Stronger together logo. Looking to extend the campaign with the Among Us Games taking place once a week on a Wednesday afternoon.

•Period Equality meeting with Hey Girls with regard to providing free sanitary products across campus.

•Organised the Felting Kits that will go into the game, postcards, and posters that will go into all of the toilets in Halls and on campus (post lockdown).

•Agreed with the University for Drug Testing Kits to be accessible to students in Halls of Residence.

•Collaboration with Sexpression to develop plans for joint campaigns.

•Providing advice and guidance to students who are feeling under pressure and stressed.

•Chaired first Wellbeing Network – identified two big issues of loneliness and anxiety.

•Attended the Dignity and Respect Working Group.

•Became the Union Representative for liaison with the O2.

•Attending regular catch-ups with DSU Wellbeing Officer.


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

•Continue to support and deliver events as part of the Stronger Together Campaign.

•Working with Student Support on a statement going to send to LeicsFess on signposting, this would be pinned to the top of their page, so that students can see the support that is available at all times.

•Working with Sports and Active Life to set up a Lockeroom – establishing a space for men to talk about their mental health, whilst playing.

•WQE Gate – open up gate in the evening – so that students can still utilise this route to campus.

•Free Food Drive –liaising with the University to set up 3 collection points (Nixon, Oadby and on campus) for food that can then be forwarded to a to a Food Bank in Leicester for distribution in local community.

•University wide Mental Wellbeing Wednesday afternoons – working with clubs and societies, to set this up, due to latest lockdown is revising this campaign with the clubs.

•Continuing to establish a memorial on campus for Holocaust Memorial Day.


Updates (October 19 - November 2)


In the last two weeks I have been working on:

• Random Acts of Kindness – distrusted in Halls of Residence and on campus.

• Introduction of ‘Lifewell’ App to enable students to meet likeminded students

• Published Sexual Violence Guide as part of the Here to Hear - Support for All campaign.

• World Mental Health Day, ran competitions and give-aways • Ensuring that Quarantine Packs are a distributed to students who are required to self isolate.

• Organised workshops on Psychological Impact of Racial Trauma and A Guide to support for Black Students as part of Black History Month


In the next two weeks I will be focusing on:

• Working with our Women’s Officer Dan Orr to lobby the University for free sanitary products across campus.

• In conjunction with Sexpression and Advice to re-introduce the C-Card scheme onto campus

• Lobbying for the introduction of Drug Testing Kit in Oadby Halls of Residence.

• Planning and organisation is under way for fighting Loneliness Week coming up between 2nd and 8th November.

• Working with DSU with regards to the re-naming of De-Montfort Hall as the person who it was named after had expressed anti-sematic thoughts and actions.

• University wide Mental Wellbeing Wednesday afternoons – working with clubs and societies.

• Seeking to establish a memorial on campus for Holocaust Memorial Day.


July 2020 Updates

I’ve now been in office for one months already and I’ve been super busy with lot of training while also planning my campaigns for the year ahead and starting on some of them already!


- Training on Anti-Semitism, Microaggressions, Grass Root Activism and many more.

- Posters to kick off Random Acts of Kindness.

- Been to Sulets meetings where a landlord rater was approved to be coming soon.

- Been working with Advice and Standing Together on leaflets for educating on students wellbeing.

- Supported students through complaints where their final grading was interrupted by procedural issues.

- Planning key campaigns and mapping out the year ahead.

- Building relationships with the Accommodation Service, the Support Service and Accessibility.

- Attended trustee boards for the SU and Leicester Services Partnership.



Manifesto Wins

Find out about Karli's manifesto wins below, simply click in to the win to reveal the information.


Quarantine Survival Packs from the University


You can now get quarantine packs to help you for the first three days of isolation to give you time to sort out a food delivery.


The complete pack includes the following items:

- A bedding pack (Containing duvet and cover, bottom sheet, pillowcase and cover)

- A self-catering pack (basic pans, cutlery and crockery)

- A cleaning pack

- A food parcel which includes:

- 3 breakfast meals

- 3 Lunches

- 3 dinners


I'm working with the University to remove all cost on this pack, in light of the Government's announcement yesterday on support for students in quarantine.

If you have any concerns or you need further support please contact Student Support Services via





Term 1


Priority 1 - Covid Anxiety (implications on job market, going outside, going back to labs, having to wear masks in classes etc)

Ways to address:

•CBT techniques explained in simple, short videos along with online material. Working with Elle, Adnan and the careers service

Priority 2 - Student loneliness

Ways to address:

• Stronger together campaign - get schools and departments involved as well as clubs and societies.



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