Start a New Group

We're proud to support a range of clubs that serve the diverse interests of the students at the University of Leicester. With over 200 groups, there is already a lot to choose from, so before applying to start a new group, check out what is already available on our complete student group list, and if you feel as though your idea might fit within an already existing group or work as a sub-committee, please contact the group using the email address in the attached list.

We are committed to ensuring that all Student Groups continue to provide good quality activities and a positive experience for all involved and to ensure we have the resources to fully support groups, we want to ensure aims and objectives are not duplicated and there is a need out there for a separate group to what is already on offer.

That’s why we ask every potential new Student Group to go through a vigorous application process before getting an official seal of approval. 

Application process:

Semester 2 Applications are now complete. The next window to apply to be a new student group will be during Semester 3 for the 2016/2017 academic year. The deadline for applications is Monday 15th May 2017 at midday, and all new applications will be considered after this date.

  • To apply to become a new society - please complete the 'Show of Interest Form'. *All applications will be considered after the deadline date, which is Monday 15th May 2017 at midday.

  • To apply to become a new Team Leicester group - please email and detail your proposal.

Things to consider before completing the application form?

  1. Check which societies already exist. Yours needs to be different.
  2. What type of society will yours be? Check the existing categories. Where do you see your group fitting in?
  3. What makes your society unique?
  4. Is there a strong student interest?  Have you spoken to other students and asked their views?
  5. What activities will your society be doing? 
  6. How and where will you carry out the activities?
  7. Do you need any special equipment?
  8. How will you finance your society?
  9. What committee roles will you need?

Things to consider if you are successful?

Running a student group can be quite time demanding, with a whole range of documents to submit and training to complete before we can confirm you as an affiliated student group. It is worth considering if you believe you have the capacity to take this on alongside your other commitments. The initial stages of setting a group up can be particularly time consuming, as you consider how to publicise your group, run taster sessions and learn the Union Activities processes over the space of a few weeks.


New student groups will not have to go through the election process this year.

The committee will remain the same this year and elections will take place in 2017.

Please make sure that the committee members listed in your application are still in the university the years 2016 and 2017.