Superstar Awards

Showcasing excellence at the University of Leicester

Now more than ever, our staff need to know you’re grateful for the work you are putting in.

Have you got a tutor who is going above and beyond to support you, despite the unexpected setbacks? Admin staff who are doing amazingly considering the number of emails they’re getting? Has a GTA been supporting you in your studies, even at a distance?

Nominate them from a Superstar Award - all nominees recieve a certificate of recognition.


Nominations are currently open!

Please click here to submit a nomination. You can submit multiple nominations.



What is the Superstar Awards?

The Superstar Awards are run by the SU's Student Voice Team to celebrate exceptional staff members at the University.

These awards exist to recognise members of staff who have gone above and beyond in their role, or who have made a significant contribution to a student or department. They provide a unique opportunity for students to highlight excellence in teaching or student support, and offer exceptional staff members the chance to receive recognition for their efforts.

If you have a tutor who has inspired you, a staff member who has supported you through a difficult time at university or a lecturer who has made a big impact on your studies, say thank you by nominating them for a Superstar Award!



If you have any questions about the superstar awards or nomination process, please email Isaiah Poulet, Academic Representation Coordinator at