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Black Trans Joy

Black Trans Joy


University of Leicester Students' Union

Thu 24 November 2022 18:30-19:30

Microsoft Teams

Black Trans Joy is part of the LeicsDecolonise Festival.

This is a panel event with T Time Podcasts, Chloe Filani, Tatenda Shameso and Koi Buckley. They will be sharing their experiences of Black trans joy and what it means to them, how they cultivate community and why radical self-care is so important!

Here is some information about the panelists:

Koi Buckley: Koi's a 20-year-old Jamaican boy that's studying Media at a London University. Heavily in culture & education, he uses platforms like Tiktok to share and speak on the black queer experience!

Tatenda Shamiso: Tatenda Shamiso is a multidisciplinary, transgender artist whose work spans writing, directing, performance and music. He is currently a Programme Lead of the New Cross Theatre and the Black and Global Majority Associate Researcher for the Goldsmiths Theatre and Performance Department.

Chloe Filani: Chloe Filani is Black British-Nigerian. She’s a Black feminist, poet, performance artist, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. Her poetry works on her lived experiences and the broader themes of identity and power structures, dealing with ideas of precolonial African trans femme ancestors as poetic stories.

T Time Podcasts: We are a podcast ran by 2 black trans males (Cole and Khazeel). We educate people on trans issues and talk about all things trans. Our goal is to impart our knowledge to as many people as possible and help trans people who may be struggling. We hope to become one of the biggest podcasts in the trans community. In the future, we are also looking to hold trans events and create a safe space for our community.

This event will be taking place online, so grab your tickets!