Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday


University of Leicester Students' Union

Fri 29 September 2023 11:00-16:00

Common Room, Percy Gee Building

Fresher's Week can be pretty full on, so take some time to relax at the end of the week with a day filled with activities and workshops to help you unwind. Including; crafting sessions, roller skating and more.

To book onto the individual events please follow the links below :)

Roller Skating - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5009/

Craft Corner: Mandala Drawing - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5002/

Craft Corner: Macrame Keychains - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5004/

Craft Corner: Cross Stitching - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5005/

Craft Corner: Paint a Pot - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5006/

Craft Corner: Knitting - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5007/

Ikea Trip - https://www.leicesterunion.com/ents/event/5003/