Gliding Society

Sun 15 October 2023 08:30-17:00

The Gliding Centre


What is it?

Freshers’ Flying Weekend is your opportunity to take to the skies and fly a glider at the cheapest rates possible. We will offer you winch launch and aero-tow launches.

When is it?

Sunday 15th October! The group will travel down Sunday morning, fly in the day and leave Sunday evening.

Where is it?

Freshers’ weekend will take place at our home gliding club, The Gliding Centre based at Husband's Bosworth Airfield. This is about a 25-minute drive from campus. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, we have plenty of willing drivers to take you flying!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the trip is £16 which will cover one winch launch with instruction. You will then be able to pay for an additional winch launch or an aerotow if you wish. The weekend has been kept as cost-effective as possible, and final costs of the additional flights will be confirmed soon. Provisionally an extra winch launch will cost £12, aerotow to 2000 ft ~£35.

What if I want to fly after the freshers’ flying weekend?

We hope you enjoy the weekend and want to join us after you’ve flown! If you do, you must buy the annual membership for £40 on our SU page. After that, flying is available every Wednesday and weekend that the weather allows, plus trips to other airfields throughout the year!

Any questions email us at or. Dm us on our insta!