Qiskit Fall Fest 2023 (4)

Qiskit Fall Fest 2023 (4)

Qiskit Fall Fest 2023 (4)



Sat 25 Nov 2023 10:00 - Sun 26 Nov 2023 17:00

University of Leicester


Hey! Welcome to Q|Topia>'s 2023 Qiskit fall fest, based at the Univeristy of Leicester and online. Qiskit fall fest is a world winter series of student run events on University campuses. These events primarily focus on developing community competence and knowledge in the increasingly impactful field of Quantum Computing using Qiskit- IBM's Quantum Computing Python package. At Leicester, this multidisciplinary, begginer friendly event will be over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of November. You can expect lots of inspiring conversation, networking, experimenting with educational games and artwork, learning of fundamentals and a challenging hackathon with a financial prize! Read on to find out more about this exciting event.

Participants' Guidebook


All participants are required to complete an online form before buying event tickets. This can be found here [insert link]. There is no limit on the number of online participants, however the in-person participants limit per day is 150. If you're applying for the Hackathon, applicaitons will be shortlisted to 20 in person and 20 remote hackers. Thus, we cannot guarantee the constancy of the application deadline- if spaces run out sooner, applications will close early so make sure to book your ticket soon!

What to bring

During the event, we will provide computers and headphones for participants to use during the event. There will be lunch provided, but no further catering so participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks.

Background Knowledge


Tailored towards beginner coders/participants with an interest in Quantum Computing but little experience, no background knowledge is required to have fun during a Q|GAME> event. This said, there will be opportunities to learn Quantum Computing basics, such as Creating basic circuits, using simulators and interpreting the results.


Q|Torials> are split into a storified presentation and a workshop. The presentation's content will build from the fundamentals and will progress swiftly through the topic covered e.g., Linguistics or Psychology. The workshop will then be an opportunity for participants to move at their own pace and apply knowledge learned during the presentation. These workshops will include checkpoints for different experience levels, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced. These three levels are broken down as follows:

Level Background Knowledge
Beginner No background knowledge is assumed at this level. However, curiosity and engagement in the presentation will help!

Intermediate participants will have some experience using Qiskit (knowledge of basic gates, circuits and using Qiskit Packages), and with Quantum Computing Mathematics, such as Linear Algebra.

Advanced Advanced participants will be familiar with a range of Quantum Computing Algorithms such as Grover's Algorithm.

Event Schedule


Event Descriptions

The events being held over the weekend include Q|GAME>, Q|Torial> and a Q|Athon> (Quantum Hackathon)- extentions of regular events ran by the society over the term. With the background knowledge required established, here is what to expect from each one.

Q|GAME>: Quantum Fractals

Quantum Fractals is a session which will focus on the computation of fractal formation using Quantum Circuits. It will begin with a 30 minute presentation introducing the topic of fractals (its history, mathematics and the different types of fractals that exist) and how we can use and understand Quantum Circuits through expanding creative fractal generation options. The coding notebooks, which will be available to participants after the presentation, will be described before the workshop gets underway. Participants will then begin the workshop at their recommended level, and will code for 1 hour until the event finishes.

Q|Torial>: Quantum Linguistics

Quantum Linguistics begins with a storified presentation following the characters Alice, Bob and Eve in the land of Q|Ystopia>. Throughout their journey, they will realise the relationship between the fields of Linguistics (the study of language formation) and Quantum Computing. After this 30 minute presentation, the coding workshop will begin. This workshop will be organized similarly to the Quantum Fractals workshop- participants will begin at their levels checkpoint, and will then probe topics explored in the presenation for an hour.

Q|GAME>: Quantum Chess

Details TBC

Q|GAME>: Quantum Music

Details TBC

Q|Torial>: Quantum Cybersecurity

Details TBC

Q|Torial>: Quantum Psychology

Details TBC


Details TBC

About Q|Topia>

All events ran by the society are in line with its MVP (Mission Vision and Purpose), and respect our values. To find out more about the society, check out our homepage.


Through running focused events such as Q|Torials>, Q|GAME> and Q|Athons> the society’s members will learn skills such as creative brainstorming and collaboration as well as improve their quantum knowledge and gain valuable career insight. Our mission motivates both STEM and non-STEM students to probe into creative uses of Quantum Computing within an encouraging environment.


Q|Topia> will become an innovative quantum learning hub with its members being from diverse backgrounds. This innovation will express itself in the creation of a sustainable and continually evolving quantum start up within the next few years, propelling the society towards being an active international collaborator with leading quantum organizations that resonate with its values. This new outreach will allow members to gain industry-level experience, improve their CVs and network with potential future co-workers. With this vision in mind, Q|Topia>’s impact will be transformative both for members and the field of Quantum Computing.

Focusing on the forthcoming global significance of Quantum Computing, the society’s purpose lies in enabling individuals to navigate the Quantum industry and create change through developing Quantum Computing knowledge and skillsets.


Focusing on the forthcoming global significance of Quantum Computing, the society’s purpose lies in enabling individuals to navigate the Quantum industry and create change through developing Quantum Computing knowledge and skillsets.


Q|Topia> is motivated by the power of curiosity to foster a close-knit community centred around the question ‘Why?,’ which equips individuals with creative thinking and stimulates open communication and collaboration. For this reason, its three core values are Curiosity, Caring and Creativity.