It's important to stay calm, relaxed and to keep stress levels down during the exams season, and as your Students’ Union we recognise that.

That’s why while you've been writing essays and putting in endless hours of revision, we've been organising a whole host of events with the sole intention of giving you the best chance to relax and ease the tension. Check out all the details below!

Stationery Giveaway in the SU Square (10am - 4pm) (Monday 8 January)

You'll be able to grab your own stationery on the 8th January, which includes a very handy Union pen and a University of Leicester notepad. 

Board Game Bonanza (10am - 4pm) (Tuesday 9 January)

Come along and settle down on a comfy seat in the Square for our all day Board Game Bonanza!

Pom Pom Buddy Workshop in the Training Room (10am - 4pm) (Wednesday 10 January)

Get crafty and put your pom pom making skills to the test in our workshop! 

Body & Mind Session in the Charles Wilson Building (3pm - 4pm) (Thursday 11 January )

The perfect way to relax, improve concentration and generally make your feel better is to attend a Body & Mind session. Don't miss out - email to book a spot. 

Face Mask Making in the SU Square (12pm - 2pm) (Friday 12 January) 

We've got some fab recipes to make your own face masks for a little bit of pampering when you most need it! Join us in the SU Square for a free demo and to pick up a recipe card. 

Fresh Fruit Giveaway in the SU Square (10am - 4pm) (Monday 15 January)
Pick up a healthy snack to keep up your energy levels courtesy of Here For U! 

TV Day in the Training Room 10am - 4pm (Tuesday 16 January)

The easiest way to switch off?! It's got to be a bit of easy watching telly! Head down to the Training Room and catch an episode or two of Friends with free popcorn! Thank us later. 

Big Talks in the Common Room (Tuesday 16 January)Join us from 4.30 - 5.30pm for free tea and biscuits and a fun card game designed to seek meaningful connections, meet new people and skip the small talk, to have deeper conversations.

Crystal Clear at Attenborough Arts (1.30pm - 4.30pm) (Wednesday 17 January)

Crystal Clear is a sensory immersive art and theatre experience, created through live visual art and play, brought to you by Enter Edem productions. Crystal Clear offers ways to help you relax, enjoy the moment, change your thoughts and bring inner calm through an array of new surprising perspectives. Featuring yoga, holistic therapies, sculpture and movement. You can book on to the session here

Cupcake Decorating in the SU Square (12pm - 2pm) (Thursday 18 January)

Treat yourself to something sweet and show off your cake decorating skills at the same time! It's completely free and a great way to take your mind off those exams. 

Union Bear Giveaway in the SU Square (12pm - 2pm)  (Friday 19 January)

Round off the exam period by taking home one of our Union mascots! What will yours be called?! 

Please note the events, location and times on this timetable are subject to change and may alter at any given time. There is also the possibly that events may be postponed or cancelled for unforeseen circumstances that may be out of the Leicester Students’ Union control. If this happens we will endeavour to communicate this as effectively as possible. If you have any queries or questions about the exam de-stress schedule, please feel free to e-mail