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The Modern Dance Society at Leicester University includes a range of dance styles such as Ballet, Modern, Tap and Contemporary. All classes are taught by our official ISTD teacher Lauren. We cater to all levels of dancers and have both beginner and advanced classes in Tap, Ballet and Modern so whether you want to try dance for the first time or you've been performing since you were tiny, there is a place for you here! 

Throughout the year we enter competitions with other universities, in which we travel as a society and enjoy fun filled days full of dance (and of course lots of hairspray!), though these occassions are not complusory and are totally optional. As a society we perform at numerous events throughout the year, our main event being our annual showcase (Winner of the Event of the Year at the Student Awards 2014). Showcase is a night when we perform at the university to show family and friend what we've been doing for the year. As well as dancing we're also here to make friends and we're a happy, friendly bunch, always looking to have a great time! So come along and join Modern Dance Society!

This year...

We have won a total of 5 trophies at the competitions AND been awarded Performance Society of the Year at the 2017 Student Awards! 



President:             Naomi Hayes




Membership:         £20 for the year


Members Training Fees: 

- 45 minute class: £1.50


Non-Members Training Fees: 

- 45 minute class: £3.00


Training Times : 



Training Room 6-10

The Scholar 6-10

6.00-6.45 Inter Ballet

6.45-7.30 Inter Modern

7.30-8.15 Advanced Modern

8.15-9.00 Advance Ballet

9.00-9.30 Pointe

6.00-6.45 Inter Tap

6.45-7.30 Inter Contemporary

7.30-8.00 Stretching

8.00-8.45 Advanced Contemporary

8.45-9.30 Advanced Tap

*These times could still alter slightly so look out for changes!*

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