We boast a massive array of student groups and societies across a diverse range of interests and topics. If your passion isn't represented, then you can apply to set up a brand new student group.



Associations are large, collaborative networks of student groups. You do not need to become one to collaborate but if you and similiar groups do a lot to work together, or cover a certain area (e.g., based under the same school or college) - you can apply to become one! This is a brand new project led on by your Activities Officer, Jack McDonald, so support is available as always but we also would appreciate any feedback.


What is the difference between a Society and an Association?

  • The association oversees multiple groups (2 or more) rather than just one which means it has a core committee. This does not take away from the specific groups societies but allows the whole association to be managed effectively to support groups within it.

  • Associations aim to work together in a more cohesive and organised way to allow more longer, lasting collaborations.

  • Extra grant funding! More groups working together means a greater impact on students so you are able to apply for additional grant funding.

  • More support and monthly meetings with the Activities team. Groups can request meetings at anytime but as an association you will have monthly meetings with the main committee to check-in and find out how things are going.


What steps are needed to become an Association?

  • First you should hold a meeting with the interested societies to find out what you want to be called and what the purpose is of the Associations. This can be goals but mainly a description of what the activtieis you will do.

  • Decide who will take on the main positions (President, Treasurer, Wellbeing & Inclusion).

  • Decide on a representative from each society. Alongside the main committee, there needs to be a representative from each group. You do not need a representative if the society is already represented by someone tkaing on a main committee role (e.g., Treaurer).

  • Once the details are confirmed, you can apply to become an association by clicking here.

If you are unsure of anything, or would like to discuss becoming an association, please email the team at unionactivities@leicester.ac.uk

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