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Airsoft is a fast-paced and energetic combat simulation game not dissimilar to paintball, but with heavier emphasis on teamwork, military strategy and sportsmanship.


By joining the Airsoft society members living in Leicester are guaranteed Cheaper transport to all society games, and invitations to team games against other university squads.


The question we are asked most often of Airsoft is: “Does it hurt?”

The answer is yes, but not as much as you would think. If youve ever played paintball then its less painful than that. If you havent then the best description we could give is been flicked quite hard. the sensation can be sharp but will quickly subside and not leave you with a massive bruise. 

President: Haydn Beacham

Treasurer: Jack Till 

Secretary: Sunera Athauda

Quartermaster: TBA

Social Secretary: Sean Brunyee



Membership: £35

Second semester only: £25

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