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Ever looked at Robin Hood and thought, “hey, I want to be that cool?” Well now you can be. Archery is the coolest of cool and we welcome all. Whether that’s Robin himself or your Nan after a few whiskeys with no glasses. If you’re looking for an easy-going team, with a variety of different characters then this might be the sport for you.

Equipment is available to borrow should you need it. Before you worry about balancing your workload, social life and free time Archery trains once a week on a Saturday from 12 till 3. This means you get a lie in and you still have Saturday nights to do with whatever you like. We’re a no pressure team, you turn up and train or you turn up for a laugh, that’s how we roll.

Socials are a termly affair…Robin Hood, The Hunger Games and the Green Arrow are a few of the themed events. Improve your aim or just come down for a chat… You’ll gradually improve throughout the year.

We train all year round. We’re indoors when your bow starts to shake and outdoors when the weathers splendid. No need to worry about training in the glorious British rain.

Like any sport we like to compete… This means destroying the competition. We’re friendly competitors and like to compete with locals, varsities and BUCS. Whatever it is we rise to the challenge, aiming true. ;)


President: Alex Agnew

Captain: Chris Perry

Treasurer: Fraser Peers

Secretary: Thomas Wilde



Registration: £50
                       Any Sports Membership


Scheduled Indoor Training -  Monday 12pm-3pm, Thursday 9am-12pm, Saturday 12-3pm Charles Wilson Sports Hall


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